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Single Rose with Heart Shape Black Forest Cake

Rs. 3174Rs. 2760

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True Heart with Pure Feelings

Rs. 5348Rs. 4650

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Basket of Love Brilliance

Rs. 3203Rs. 2785

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Valentine Love Heart Combo

Rs. 9833Rs. 8550

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Pink Roses Bouquet with Assorted Dry fruits and Love Card

Rs. 3376Rs. 2935

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Valentine Gift of Eighteen Red Roses Bouquet with Toblerone Chocolates

Rs. 2875Rs. 2500

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Valentine Surprising Combo for Loved Ones

Rs. 4830Rs. 4200

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Valentine Hamper of Heart Shape Small Cushion with Red Roses Bouquet

Rs. 3393Rs. 2950

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Customized Black Matte Finishing Pen

Rs. 452Rs. 393

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Customized Gold Plated Rose with Love Stand

Rs. 804Rs. 699

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Golden Rose and Rocher Choco Hamper

Rs. 2985Rs. 2595

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Personalized Photo on Gold Rose Box

Rs. 915Rs. 795

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4.5 ( 2 Reviews )
One Kg Heart Shape Black Forest Cake Treat

Rs. 1724Rs. 1499

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3.5 ( 4 Reviews )
Heart Connecting Special Gift

Rs. 5749Rs. 4999

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Red Heart with Gold Plated Golden Rose for Valentine Gift

Rs. 1375Rs. 1195

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Wedding Couple Bear with Gold Plated Golden Rose for Cute Lover

Rs. 2180Rs. 1895

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Unveiling Unforgettable Moments: Send Valentine's Day Gifts Online with

In the realm of heartfelt expressions, few occasions hold the power to evoke emotions as profoundly as Valentine's Day. As this day of love approaches, the quest for the perfect token of affection begins. Look no further – stands as your gateway to a world where love is beautifully encapsulated in exquisite Valentine's Day gifts. Why settle for the ordinary when you can elevate your expression of love to extraordinary heights? Our curated selection of Valentine's Day gifts is designed to transcend the boundaries of conventional gifting, offering a diverse array of choices that cater to every taste and preference.


Giftacrossindia takes pride in being more than just an online gift store. We stand by your side, creating moments that linger in your memory. Our commitment to quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a premier destination for sending Valentine's Day gifts onlineDiscover the perfect gift for your loved ones with our wide range for him valentines day gifts. Whether it's a special occasion, like Valentine's Day, or just because we have a variety of gifts to choose from. Find the perfect Valentines present for your hubby and also valentines presents for your boyfriend and make their day extra special. Super cool lovers day gift for wife available with the Valentine's Day gifts collection Show her how much she means to you with our carefully curated Valentine's Day gifts for her. Make her feel loved and appreciated with our selection of thoughtful gifts, specifically chosen for wives. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make her day extra special with our Valentine's Day gifts for wife


The Art of Gifting Redefined

At, we understand that each relationship is unique, and so should be the gifts that symbolize it. Our expertly curated collection boasts a range of options, from classic to contemporary, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your loved ones. Whether it's a bouquet of fresh, vibrant roses, personalized gifts that speak volumes, or delectable chocolates that sweeten the moment, our selection caters to diverse preferences. Each product is carefully chosen to convey the depth of your emotions, turning a simple gift into a cherished memory.


Seamless Online Gifting Experience

Embracing the spirit of modernity, ensures a seamless online gifting experience. Our user-friendly interface allows you to navigate effortlessly through our extensive catalog, making the process of choosing and sending Valentine's Day gifts a joyous affair. With just a few clicks, you can explore a myriad of options, select the perfect gift, and proceed to a hassle-free checkout. Our secure payment gateways guarantee a safe and reliable transaction, leaving you free to focus on the joy of gifting.


Personalized Touch, Global Reach

What sets apart is our commitment to infusing a personalized touch into every gift. Our range of customizable options allows you to add that extra layer of sentiment, ensuring your gift resonates with the unique bond you share. Not limited by geographical constraints, proudly facilitates the delivery of Valentine's Day gifts across India. Distance should never be a hindrance when expressing love, and our reliable online gift delivery network ensures your heartfelt gifts reach their destination, no matter how far.


Why Choose for Valentine's Day?

  1. Unrivaled Selection: Our diverse range caters to all tastes, making it easy to find the perfect gift.
  2. Quality Assurance: Every product is selected and crafted with the utmost care, ensuring top-notch quality.
  3. Personalized Options: Add a personal touch to your gift, making it a unique expression of your love.
  4. Effortless Online Gifting Experience: Our user-friendly platform ensures a smooth and enjoyable gifting process.
  5. Timely Valentine Gifts Delivery: No matter where your loved one is, our reliable delivery ensures your gift reaches them on time.

This Valentine's Day, transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with Giftacrossindia. Let your expressions of love be as exceptional as the bond you share. Send Valentine's Day gifts online and create memories that last a lifetime.


Express Love Effortlessly: Valentine's Day Gifts Online at Your Fingertips

Manifest your deepest desires with a simple wish, "Dear Cupid, shoot her heart and make her my Valentine." At, we turn your wishes into reality by delivering your Valentine's Day gifts right to your special someone on the most romantic day of the year. As February heralds the month of love, Valentine's Day becomes the pinnacle of affection, prompting lovers to find unique ways to declare, "Be Mine." If you're in the same love-struck mode, explore our latest arrivals in Valentine gifts—an exquisite collection designed to capture your special one's heart in the most enchanting way possible. Our lineup features delightful Valentine presents that excel in expressing love, care, and affection with unparalleled charm.

  1. Express Valentine Gift Delivery for Effortless Romance: Make your heartfelt wish, and let our valentine express delivery service bring your Valentine's Day gifts directly to your beloved's doorstep on the cherished day itself. No delays, just pure romance.
  2. Curated Valentine's Collection for Every Expression: Our curated Valentine's collection goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring that each gift is a perfect expression of love, care, and affection. From timeless classics to modern delights, find the ideal token of your affection.
  3. Win Hearts with New Arrivals: Explore our latest Valentine gifts arrivals, meticulously chosen to win over your special someone. Each item is a testament to our commitment to helping you create lasting memories of love.
  4. Unique Ways to Say 'Be Mine': Discover unique and thoughtful ways to say "Be Mine" with our array of Valentine presents. From personalized keepsakes to romantic gestures, find the perfect expression that resonates with your unique love story.
  5. Unmatched Quality, Unforgettable Moments: Our Valentine's Day gifts are not just tokens; they are memories waiting to be created. With unmatched quality and attention to detail, we ensure that every moment shared is etched in the heart forever.


Celebrate Love Uniquely: Order the Best Valentine's Day Gifts Online!

Valentine's Day, the global celebration of love, is a special occasion embraced by both the young and the young at heart. This day, synonymous with love, is not just marked on the calendar; it is etched in the hearts of those who celebrate it with utmost affection. As the day of love approaches, it brings with it the anticipation of thoughtful gifts – be it a bouquet of bold red roses, a romantic date, heart-melting imported chocolates, or the perfect poetic expression on a greeting card.


At Giftacrossindia, we recognize the significance of these heartfelt gestures, and we're here to help you celebrate love in the most extraordinary way possible. As Valentine's Day draws near, our curated selection of gifts awaits, each item chosen to be a true reflection of your love. This season, go beyond the ordinary and make Valentine's Day truly memorable for your beloved with the perfect expression of your affection.


  1. Curated Collection for Lasting Impressions: Explore our curated collection of the best Valentine's Day gifts online, carefully selected to leave a lasting impression. Each gift is a testament to the unique love story you share.
  2. Express Your Love with Thoughtful Gestures: This Valentine's Day, express your love with thoughtful gestures that go beyond the expected. From stunning red roses to heart-melting chocolates, find the perfect gift that encapsulates your deepest emotions.
  3. Memorable Moments, Memorable Gifts: Giftacrossindia is not just a platform; it's a gateway to creating memorable moments. Our online valentine gifts are designed to evoke emotions and turn ordinary days into cherished memories.
  4. Personalize Your Love Story: Make this Valentine's Day truly unique by personalizing your love story with our range of customized gifts. From engraved pen sets to personalized greetings, add a touch of your unique love to every gift.
  5. Seize the Opportunity to Celebrate Love: Valentine's Day is more than just a date on the calendar; it's an opportunity to celebrate the love that binds you. Embrace the spirit of this special day with gifts that speak volumes about your affection and commitment.

This Valentine's Day, let Giftacrossindia be your partner in creating an extraordinary celebration of love. Order the best Valentine's Day gifts online and make this day a cherished chapter in your love story.


Seamless Celebrations: Choose Giftacrossindia for Effortless Valentine Gift Delivery Across India!

Timing is everything, and at Giftacrossindia, we understand the importance of the right moment. That's why we take pride in offering prompt and reliable online Valentine gift delivery services across India. From heart-warming and trending Valentine gift ideas to impeccable packaging and on-time delivery, Giftacrossindia has everything you need to make your love celebration truly memorable. Our same-day, midnight, and fixed-time valentine gifts delivery services ensure you have the best gifting experience possible. Picture surprising your sweetheart with a midnight gift delivery, capturing their heart with Cupid's arrow precisely as the clock strikes 12. It's a gesture that rekindles the flames of love. Moreover, for those moments when your partner might think you forgot the day, our same-day or within a few hours delivery of the best Valentine's gifts will arrive at their doorstep, turning any forgetful moment into a delightful surprise. These services are particularly valuable for couples in long-distance relationships, allowing you to celebrate love even from afar. And it's not just limited to Valentine's Day; our prompt delivery services extend to every day of Valentine's week and beyond. So why hesitate? Make the season of love highly memorable for yourself and your significant other by ordering Valentine gifts online from Giftacrossindia!

Unparalleled Gifting Experience: Giftacrossindia offers an unparalleled gifting experience with a seamless process from selection to delivery. Rely on us to ensure your festivities become unforgettable.


Capture Hearts at Midnight: Imagine the joy of surprising your special someone with a midnight gift delivery, capturing their heart as the clock strikes 12. Our midnight delivery services are designed for those unforgettable moments.


Turn Forgetful Moments into Surprises: Our same-day or within a few hours delivery services ensure that forgetful moments become delightful surprises. Let us help you turn any oversight into a memorable expression of love.


Long-Distance Celebrations Made Easy: For couples in long-distance relationships, our prompt gifts delivery services make celebrating love from afar not only possible but effortless. Close the distance and forge precious memories.


Extend the Celebration Beyond Valentine's Day: Giftacrossindia prompt delivery services aren't limited to Valentine's Day alone; they extend throughout the entire Valentine's week and beyond. Seize every opportunity to make your celebrations special.


Unique and Memorable: Order Valentine Gifts by Relation on Giftacrossindia!

Giftacrossindia is your go-to online gift destination, fulfilling every gifting desire with something truly unique and delightful. Our gift giving platform offers the best gifts for everyone, accompanied by the convenience of midnight Valentine gifts delivery, transforming each moment of the day into a cherished memory. On the special day of Valentine, we present an array of exotic gifts curated for your loved ones. Explore our curated list below, designed to help you effortlessly order Valentine's presents for men, women, girlfriends, boyfriends, or anyone special on your gifting list. With a commitment to uniqueness and excellence, Giftacrossindia ensures that your expressions of love are not only special but also leave a lasting impression.


Express Your Love: Unique Valentine Gifts for Your Boyfriend at Giftacrossindia!

Valentine's Day, the epitome of romance, calls for delightful gifts that will warm your boyfriend's heart and make this beautiful day even more special. At Giftacrossindia, we bring you the best Valentine presents, carefully curated to add a touch of romance to each day of the Valentine week. Don't let the stress of finding the perfect gift overshadow your celebration; we've got you covered. Explore our collection to discover adorable gifts that will not only delight your boyfriend but also express your love and care in the most extraordinary way. Whether it's a classic gesture or a unique surprise, Giftacrossindia ensures that each Valentine gift is a meaningful expression of your emotions.


Captivate Her Heart: Explore Unique Valentine Gifts for Your Girlfriend at Giftacrossindia!

Surprising your girlfriend becomes a joyous affair when accompanied by the perfect gifts. Our exclusive range of Happy Valentine Day 2024 gifts is tailor-made to bring a smile to your girlfriend's face on this special day. Choose from the best Valentine gifts for your girlfriend online at Giftacrossindia, and let us handle the rest – ensuring your selected gifts are delivered right to your desired location. Our collection is not only superbly cute but also crafted to steal the heart of your special lady.


Celebrate Your Blessing: Thoughtful Valentine Gifts for Your Wife at Giftacrossindia!

Navigating life is a breeze when you have a true life partner by your side, turning every moment into a blessing. This Valentine's Day, seize the opportunity to express your feelings for the one who stands by you through every harsh stage of life – your beloved wife. A specially chosen Happy Valentine Day 2024 gift has the power to work wonders in your relationship, creating lasting memories. Don't miss out on this chance to make her feel cherished. Explore our curated collection of good Valentine Day special gifts for her, exclusively available at Giftacrossindia. Surprise your wife on this beautiful day and witness the joy unfold on her smiling face. Visit us today to order Valentine gifts for wife online and ensure that this celebration of love becomes an unforgettable chapter in your journey together.


Celebrate Your Lifeline: Memorable Valentine Gifts for Your Husband at Giftacrossindia!

Your husband, the lifeline of your existence, deserves something truly remarkable this Valentine's Day. If you're aiming to surprise your hubby in the most unforgettable way, consider availing our midnight online Valentine gifts delivery service. There's nothing quite as enchanting as midnight surprises, and we have curated a wide assortment of Valentine day gifts for husbands that are sure to leave him in awe. Explore our collection filled with delicious delights and complementary gift items designed to make this Valentine's Day celebration extraordinary. To witness that beautiful reaction on your husband's face, don't miss the chance to order Valentine gifts for husband online from Giftacrossindia. Make this day a chapter in your love story that you both will cherish forever.


Cherish Your Dream Woman: Valentine Gifts for Your Fiancee at Giftacrossindia!

Your fiancee is the embodiment of your dreams, and Valentine's Day provides the perfect opportunity to nurture your relationship with her. Make this special day even more memorable by showering her with lovely Valentine's Day gifts, expressing your boundless love and care. Picture yourself with a bouquet of enchanting red roses, making a heartfelt promise to always be by her side. Extend the surprises throughout the Valentine week with our dedicated Valentine gifts for fiancee delivery service, ensuring that your thoughtful gifts reach her doorstep promptly via Giftacrossindia. Place your order now to send Valentine gifts online and witness the magic unfold. Our splendid and heart-warming gifts are meticulously chosen to rekindle the flame of love, making your fiancee fall in love with you all over again.


Reignite Love: Thoughtful Valentine Gifts for Your Ex-Boyfriend at Giftacrossindia!

While past relationships may have faced challenges, Valentine's Day offers a golden opportunity to mend misunderstandings and embark on a new and fresh beginning. At Giftacrossindia, we bring you a diverse range of the best Valentine gifts online for him (ex-boyfriend), tailored to make him realize the depth of your love. Seize the moment to order Valentine gifts for your ex-boyfriend, conveying the significance he still holds in your life. Explore our online gift store for cute ideas for Valentine's Day for him, designed to guide you in choosing the perfect gift for your ex. Make this special day unforgettable by initiating an excellent start to your renewed relationship with our online Valentine gifts delivery service, ensuring your heartfelt gifts reach your desired place promptly.

Rediscover Love: Unique Valentine Gifts for Your Ex-Girlfriend at Giftacrossindia!


Navigating life without your ex-girlfriend is undoubtedly challenging, yet there remains a soft corner for her in your heart. This Valentine's Day, take a bold step to make a last try at rekindling the connection by presenting a special gift. If you find yourself unsure about what to do or what to buy, explore our Valentine's Day ideas for your ex-girlfriend – because gifts have the power to express what words often cannot, especially after a breakup. For a truly unique approach, consider sending Valentine gifts for your ex-girlfriend online, with the option of choosing suitable delivery preferences. Our same-day Valentine gifts delivery ensures that your surprise reaches her doorstep promptly, providing a moment for reflection on the relationship that once was.


Celebrate Love in Style: Discover Delightful Lover's Day Gifts at Giftacrossindia

Valentine's Day, fondly known as Lover's Day, is a global celebration of love that captivates couples around the world. This special day offers the perfect opportunity to go above and beyond for your partner, showering them with affection and creating lasting memories. While different couples may celebrate in various ways, one constant remains—the joy of exchanging gifts. Picture adorable couples strolling with a metaphorical cupid overhead, celebrating their unique connection on this beautiful day. For some, it's a chance to affirm and cherish their existing relationship, while others take the plunge, declaring their love and proposing to their crushes. Undoubtedly, Lover's Day stands out as one of the most enchanting days of the year.

  1. Thoughtful Lover's Day Gifts: Explore our collection of delightful Lover's Day gifts at Giftacrossindia to make this celebration of love even more special. Choose from a variety of thoughtful and enchanting gifts that perfectly express your feelings.
  2. Create Lasting Memories: This Lover's Day, go the extra mile to create lasting memories with your partner. Our curated selection of gifts is designed to add a touch of magic to your celebration, making it truly memorable.
  3. Global Celebration of Love: Join the global celebration of love on Valentine's Day, also known as Lover's Day. Giftacrossindia offers a range of delightful gifts that resonate with the spirit of this special day, creating a connection that transcends borders.
  4. Personalized Expressions of Love: Choose from our personalized Lover's Day gifts to convey your unique expressions of love. Capture the essence of your relationship with gifts that reflect the depth of your emotions.
  5. Unforgettable Proposals: For those contemplating declarations of love or proposing to their crushes, Lover's Day provides the perfect backdrop. Make the moment unforgettable with a carefully chosen gift that sets the stage for a lifetime of love.

Visit Giftacrossindia to discover delightful Lover's Day gifts and add a touch of style to your celebration of love. Order now and make this Lover's Day a truly enchanting experience for you and your partner.


Delightful Valentine Hampers Online - Unwrap the Magic of Ultimate Surprises!

As Valentine's Day approaches, the quest for the perfect gift begins, and at Giftacrossindia, we believe perfection lies in expressions that bring smiles to your dear one’s faces. Dive into a vast shopping experience with our specially curated Valentine gift hampers, designed to work the magic of conveying your deepest emotions. Valentine Combos possess a unique charm that captivates everyone, filling the atmosphere with laughter and joy. These thoughtfully assembled hampers eliminate the dilemma of choosing a single gift, making them the preferred choice this festive season. Discover why hampers have become the go-to gift option, unlocking the secret to their popularity at Giftacrossindia. Send Valentine hampers online to your loved ones, showcasing your profound emotions of love in the most extraordinary way.


Thoughtful Expressions in Every Hamper: Explore our delightful range of Valentine hampers online, where each item is thoughtfully chosen to create the perfect expression of love. Unwrap the magic of surprises that resonate with your emotions.


Vast Valentine Gift Shopping Experience: Immerse yourself in a vast valentine gift shopping experience with our specially curated Valentine gift hampers. Find the ideal gift that goes beyond perfection, bringing joy and smiles to your loved ones.


Unique Charm of Valentine Combos: Valentine Combos possess a unique charm that sets them apart, creating an atmosphere filled with laughter and joy. Discover the allure of these specially crafted hampers for an unforgettable celebration.


Eliminate Gift Dilemmas: Say goodbye to the dilemma of choosing the best gift. Our Valentine hampers include more than one item, ensuring your loved ones receive a bundle of joy that perfectly captures the essence of your emotions.


The Secret to Hampers' Popularity: Giftacrossindia unravels the secret behind why hampers have become the most favored gift option during festivals. Explore the charm and versatility of hampers, making them a timeless choice.


Choose Giftacrossindia for delightful Valentine gift hampers that go beyond expectations. Order now to create an extraordinary celebration filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments for your dear ones.


Giftacrossindia presents an extensive selection of Valentine hampers meticulously curated with the perfect combination of gifts. Our offerings boast top-notch quality, ensuring they not only meet but exceed expectations, capturing the heart of the recipient effortlessly. Dive into a world of exquisite combinations, including heart-shaped cakes, cuddly soft toys, delectable chocolates, and vibrant flowers, among various other enticing options, all available for hassle-free online ordering. Valentine's Day transcends beyond romantic love, embracing the celebration of love shared with everyone, from family members to friends. Each of these cherished individuals holds an irreplaceable role in your life, deserving a special token of appreciation. Our Valentine hampers stand as the quintessential gift, destined to take center stage in any celebration. Don't delay—seize the moment! Order Valentine hampers online and utilize our swift delivery options to send love and joy to your cherished ones.


Dive into Love: Explore Giftacrossindia Valentine's Day Offerings for Every Couple

Embrace the spirit of love with Giftacrossindia array of offerings tailor-made for all the lovey-dovey couples out there. Celebrating occasions close to your heart demands the perfect gift, and Valentine's Day takes center stage in our lives for that very reason. It's a day dedicated to pampering our partners, surprising them with thoughtful gifts, and drowning them in kisses and hugs. At Giftacrossindia, we comprehend the significance of a gift that speaks volumes, one that will surprise and delight your beloved. With our exceptional collection and timely delivery services, we've been a part of your significant occasions, earning the trust and satisfaction of a chain of happy customers. To join our family of satisfied patrons, delve into our splendid collection of Valentine Flowers and Valentine's Day Cakes, and place your order right away! Our goal is to do justice to the sentiment of true love, making Valentine's Day a truly memorable experience for every couple. Experience the marvels of our services by visiting our website without delay!

Have a Grand Valentine’s Day with Perfect Valentine Gift Ideas

The month of February marks the arrival of an entire week of love. Not just Valentine's Day, but the entire week announces the celebration of the beautiful bond of love. This is one time of the year when every lover is supposed to be on their toes. It is rightly said, every day is Valentine's Day when you are with the right person. However, this is the time when you need to speak your feeling aloud. Whether you are looking for valentine day rose day gifts or valentine day gift for bf, you can get everything quickly with our reputed online gifting store. offers the easiest means to celebrate love in a grand way with a plethora of valentine gift ideas.


If you are looking unique ways to make your sweetheart feel special, then, you must checkout our collection of surprise valentines day gifts for him and valentines day gifts for her. Old or young, this day is celebrated by everyone across the globe. With this in mind, we have handpicked the best valentines gifts for her and the best valentines gifts for him, to best suit every taste and requirement.


Whether you are looking for valentines roses for the Rose day or sugary delights for the chocolate day, we have got you covered. You can even find Valentine's Day roses coupled with other gift items like soft toys, cards, personalized gift items. You can find cakes of almost every flavour like chocolate, vanilla, black forest, pineapple and much more. You can even find high-end chocolate brands like Ferrero Rocher, Lindt, Dairy Milk, Cadbury and others. The list of best valentine gift for wife and boyfriend valentines day gift at our online store is never-ending. Not only this, you can order something special on everyday of the week. You can shower all the love to your partner with the best valentine day gifts from our popular Gift Across India store.


If you are searching for mens valentines gifts or first valentine gift for boyfriend, we have an assortment of men's grooming sets, self care packages along with mouthwatering delicacies. For rose day valentine week, we have the broadest range of bouquets that will make your man smile.


Express Love to Your Partner in a Beautiful Manner with our Online Gifting Portal    team understand that exchanging gifts is the most delightful moment of this auspicious day. This is why we bring forth an exquisite collection of valentine day gifts for girlfriend and valentine gifts for wife. Our array of best valentine gift for wife includes heart-melting chocolates, lovely bouquets for 7 feb rose day, cakes, personalized pens, greeting cards and much more. aware of  the spirit of gift-giving, hence, along with the common lovers day gift, we bring valentine day special gift at your doorstep. You can now shop for the purses, clutches, handbags and even jwellery at the comfort of your home.


The best part is, whether your partner lives in the same city or you are in a long-distance relationship, our online services will assist you in celebrating the day of love. Giftacrossindia welcomes you to the broadest range of valentine gift ideas as well as the quickest delivery service. Our same-day and midnight delivery service is ready to delight your love, no matter where they put up. Our team delivers to almost every state and covers most of the cities of India. The efficient team that your love reaches your special one in the best possible condition and on the promised date


Explore our Valentine’s Day gifts collection specially curated for each day of Valentine's week. We help you choose the best valentine gift for husband, boyfriend as well as best valentine gift for wife, as well as girlfriend. We have everything brought under the purview of one roof that will suit the taste of your loved ones without hurting your pocket.


Explore the Best Collection of Valentines Day gifts for your Loving Partner in India

Love birds have a strong relationship and want to offer unique valentine’s gift day ideas that can convey their emotions most appropriately. Considering the importance of this occasion, our online gifting store can help you order the finest collection of Valentine’s Day gifts online in a quick and hassle-free manner. is an online store. It has a wide range of beautiful Valentine gifts for your beloved ones that can express your love and emotions. If you are planning a lovely Valentine gift for your boyfriend or husband, don’t go to any random gifting store and choose the best from a wide range of online Valentine gifts for men. For a male partner who is too concerned about his look, choose lovely perfumes, a tie and cufflink set, a beauty hamper, a male grooming kit, and other such gifts for the special occasion of Valentine’s Day. Apart from this, you can order a beautiful floral bouquet, a box of delicious chocolates, soft toys, gift combos, and hampers for your loving male or female partner to celebrate the spirit of Valentine’s Day. On similar grounds, you can choose to buy beautiful perfumes, a beauty hamper kit, a hair care hamper, a purse, designer earrings, clutches, and other fantastic Valentine gifts for your loving female partner. In addition, people are free to order personalized cushions, personalized table lamps, personalized photo frames, personalized coasters, and other customized Valentine gifts for their male or female partner to capture their instant attention. Whatever your preference, budget, and gender may be, our online store will offer a great selection of Valentine's Day gifts that will be a perfect pick for your special day. Confess those lovely feelings you have for your adorable partner and grab the best Valentine gift to make your beloved feel truly special.


With a wide range of romantic Valentine gifts, you can easily choose the appropriate Valentine gift for your beloved partner based on your budget, choice, and preference. But do you know the literal value that determines the worth of your Valentine gift? The importance and impact of any gift lie in its timely delivery to the desired destination. Because neither the recipient nor the sender will be pleased with the late or improper delivery of their gift, and it will be a pure case of disappointment.  No matter how costly and enormous your gift may be, it ultimately loses its shine if it is not delivered on time and to the correct address. Due to such grave consequences of a late gift delivery, it is essential to believe in the reliable delivery services of gifting stores only and get the best affordable valentine's day gift ideas. If you want to cheer up your loved ones with an extraordinary Valentine gift for your loving partner, don’t forget to send it through the bankable delivery services of our Gift Across India online store. We have a dedicated delivery staff that is capable of sending desired Valentine gifts online for your partner on time and in proper condition. Whether you are placing the gift order on the same day or at the last moment, our online gifting store can offer you assured deliveries to your desired destination with its reliable same day, midnight and valentine express delivery services. We also have a proven track record of delivering Valentine gifts to your partner in more than 500 Indian cities so that your love emotions can easily reach out to your recipient. With the unconditional support of our delivery staff, we have been effortlessly sending lovely gifts for any special occasion or moment to your loved ones for a long period of 15 years and are keeping the momentum intact. When you know that gifts are more than just an item and are the carriers of your true feelings, it is best to choose an appropriate gift delivery service of Gift Across India online store to bring that lovely smile to the face of your dear ones. It is time to forget your inhibitions, express your love feelings for your crush or partner, and choose a lovely Valentine gift in a hassle-free manner from our online gifting store to celebrate this occasion of love.


Reinvent your Love Life by Ordering Amazing Valentine’s Day Gifts Online

There is nothing as magical and extraordinary as the feeling of love towards your adorable partner. These feelings often lead us to experience birds singing in the sky, shooting stars falling from the sky, moonlight spreading across the sky, and much more. On Valentine's Day, every emotion related to love gets amplified to another level, and it means a lot to every couple. If you feel bitten by the bug of love, it is important to confess the same for your beloved partner by sending an appropriate gift for him or her from our popular Gift Across India online store. For any couple who are facing a difficult time in their love life, it would be a wonderful idea to choose an extraordinary Valentine’s Day gift online to make an instant impact on your sweetheart. If you are finding it difficult to buy a lovely Valentine’s Day gift for your adorable partner, it is time to choose a perfect Valentine gift from our one-stop shopping destination. Whether you are preparing to confess the love for your crush, ready to express your infinite love for a partner in a long relationship, or proposing your girl for marriage, a wonderful Valentine gift can effortlessly make things simpler for any aspiring lover. Don’t be at the mercy of your crush or beloved partner and let things move forward more smoothly with the help of our online gifting store. Interestingly, you can easily buy the desired and send valentines gifts for your partner online and enjoy a smooth ride in your love life without hunting for a perfect Valentine gift at various local gifting stores. Stop wasting your time unnecessarily and buy a lovely Valentine gift for your partner now which is one click away from you.


Online Valentine Gifts Delivery in India to your Beloved Ones

We all love to have that someone special in our lives that can be our companion in good times, a reliable secret keeper, a support system during times of distress, and our unconditional friend at difficult times. Due to this, we all need someone in our life and this urge becomes amplified further on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day with a day filled with special valentine's day gifts. With the onset of February, it is time to feel the vibes of love and romance in the air and confess your love for someone special on this wonderful day of love. If you are looking to impress your love partner with perfect Valentine gift ideas, it would be appropriate to explore our online gifting store within no time. We have a fantastic collection of online Valentine gifts that are specially curated for your beloved partner and can capture the instant attention of your love interest. With Gift Across India online store, you can order everything from chocolates, flower bouquets, teddy bears, gourmet hampers, new tie and cufflink sets, heart-shaped cakes, designer handbags, etc. Everything is delivered to your doorstep, no matter what your Valentine's Day gift preferences are.


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Are you looking for gifts for this Valentine’s Day? Stop here now as you are at the perfect place. gets you a wide range of sparkling Valentine’s Day Gifts for all those that are close to your heart. Find the best and unique Valentine’s Day gifts for her or him at affordable prices online and send them anywhere in India with Free Shipping and Same Day Gifts Delivery.  Youth today are devoted to those special people in their lives that make life complete as this is one of the most important days of their lives. Many couples wait for 14th February or Valentine’s Day to marry or propose to their better half. To make the story short, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate the feeling of love.


When you talk about celebrations, gifts come to mind instantly. The celebration of Valentine’s Day is no different and is incomplete without exchanging gifts. Couples eagerly wait for this day to see what their spouse or other half has thought for them and, neither you don’t want to go wrong or disappoint the love of your life. has brought you a wide range of Valentine’s Day gifts online right here for you to select the best gift for her or him. So scroll through the pages to find the best Valentine’s Day Gifts and make this Valentine’s Day a great day to remember. Express your love with great gifts for Valentine’s Day online and have them delivered to your beloved doorstep directly anywhere in India with Same Day Delivery or Express Delivery.


Facts and History of Valentine's Day Celebrations

Valentine's Day is also known as Saint Valentine's Day and is celebrated as a day of love. This day falls on 14th February every year. In honour of Saint Valentine, the 14th of February is observed as the day of love even though there cannot be a specific day dedicated to love as each day celebrates love. It is said that the origins of Valentine's Day date back to the days of Claudius II, a tyrannical ruler of Rome in the 3rd century and a Christian martyr by the name of Saint Valentine. Claudius opposed Christianity while Valentine favored it, so the former imprisoned the latter. In this prison, Saint Valentine fell in love with the blind daughter of the jailer. The letter he wrote to his daughter before he died was signed "From your Valentine", and this is how lovers today express their love. On 14th February, the daughter of the jailer Julia planted an almond tree near his grave and today an almond tree is considered a sign of love and friendship. There are many other stories and myths behind the celebration of Valentine’s Day.


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At; our Valentine’s Day Special Gifts online are stacked with happiness and surprises that your special someone will love and cherish. Surprise your loved ones with this festival of love with unique and beautiful Valentines gifts for him online delivered at her doorstep with same-day Valentine’s Day delivery service. Valentine’s Day is not restricted to lovers expressing or proposing their love to each other but it is as important to married couples. They have taken their love relationship to the next level by tying the knot of commitment and trust for each other. So go ahead, surprise your husband with a personalized pen or even a personalized lampshade. Thrill your wife with a heart-shaped flower bouquet or a personalized chocolate box or a personalized cushion or a personalized valentine gift box that she can cuddle up to.


Celebrate this Special ❤ Valentine Week ❤ with Romance and Love Gifts from Gifts Across India

Valentine’s Day is not just limited to one day but, it is a celebration of an entire week that is popularly known as Valentine Week where each day is dedicated to a specific purpose. It starts on the 7th of February with Rose day which is followed by propose day, chocolate day, promise day, hug day, kiss day and finally Valentine's day.


Rose Day - It is the start of Valentine's week. On this day dear darlings surprise each other with a bunch of roses. Roses resemble freshness, fragrance and everlasting beauty.


Propose day - February 8th is proposal day, a day to confess the love one has towards another person. This takes a lot of planning to organise this special event to make someone feel special and takes it as a memory forever. Plan this special day with cakes, chocolates and gifts made full of love for your beloved one with


Chocolate Day - February 9th is chocolate day. Chocolate means sweetness and it resembles the sweetness every couple has in his or her relationship. Handmade chocolates are what could be the best choice you could make for your beloved. Buy chocolates and gifts online now with Gift Across India.


Teddy Day - February 10th is cute Teddy day. Girls have always a soft corner for soft toys and teddy is often their favourite. Huggable and cozy stuffed animals of various colours and characters are available at


Promise Day - February 11th is promise day and once a promise is made it is supposed to be fulfilled until death. Make a promise and make your loved one feel the commitment you plan to keep forever. Gifts or beautiful cards with meaningful quotes could be the best move you could make this Valentine’s day with


Hug Day - February 12th is the hug day and is the most important day where you make someone feel that you would always be around no matter what. A hug means a lot and could act as someone's support system in times of trouble. Just fly down and give a meaningful hug and make your loved one feel that they are loved forever.


Kiss Day - February 13th is the kiss day. A kiss of commitment, love and affection one has for their beloved one’s. For some it is their first kiss and for some it is a reminder that they still love the way they fell for the first time. So seal the deal and promise to be there forever with your beloved one.


Valentine’s day - Finally, the big day is celebrated on the 14th of February. Spending quality time and it is a day of joy, celebrating the love you have and commitment which one intends to keep forever and this excitement is different and why not celebrate this joyous moment with gifts for your perfect mate for lifetime. has a Valentine Weekday list of 2024 gifts for each day that will surprise your lover and those close to your heart. Finish up Valentine Week on 14th Feb with the best Valentines Gifts for her or Valentine’s Gift for wife. Surprise your boyfriend or husband with the best Valentines Gifts Hampers that comprise his favorite things with Cookies, Cakes, Chocolates or even men’s accessories. Make him emotional by gifting him a personalized Key chain for Valentine’s Day or the tie and cuff set that would make him look handsome and dashing at any party!


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For your lover who is far away, let the distances not dampen the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Just log on to, browse through all Valentine’s Day Gifts, and place your order. We will send your Valentine’s Day gift to India free with Same Day Delivery or use our Express Delivery service that will have your parcel of emotions delivered right at their doorstep within a few hours - absolutely Free! Yes, we will dispatch across India with Free Shipping!


Valentine Gift Ideas for Girlfriend and Boyfriend, Husband and Wife for this Season of Romance

Find surprising Valentine’s Day Gifts that will make your partner feel special and happy. Go ahead and put that smile on your beloved face today! Valentine’s Day Flowers: Fresh Flowers are considered an expression of love, romance, and togetherness. Send romantic and colourful flower bouquets for Valentine’s Day and celebrate true love. Choose from a wide range of Red Roses, Carnations, Tulips, and Gerberas or combine Valentine’s Day Flowers with chocolates and make a beautiful Valentine’s Gift Hamper.


Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts: When you personalize a gift, it's always special. It indicates the efforts that have been made to choose a gift just for them and therefore it has the highest value. Make your lover feel just that by gifting her a special Valentine Personalized gift such as Personalized Cushion, Personalized Photo Calendar or Clock, Personalized photo frame, etc. that she will always cherish and remember you for.


Plants for Valentine’s Day: Green Gifts are gaining popularity and people appreciate receiving green gifts. Keeping that in mind, has put together a whole range of Green Plants for Valentine’s Day that can be gifted to those you love. Plants symbolize peace and growth in a relationship. Choose from a wide collection of plants such as Lucky Bamboo Plants, Lily Plant for Peace, Bonsai Trees, and Money Plant, etc., and make it a memorable Valentine’s Day gift.


Photo Frame: Photo frames are romantic gifts as they capture all the memories spent together in a frame. Choose from a wide range of different shapes of photo frames such as Metal Photo frames, Wooden Photo frames, or even personalized photo frames. Browse and buy uniquely shaped photo frames such as tree-shaped, Spiral Shaped, or even heart-shaped photo frames that make the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. Surprise your sweetheart by capturing a beautiful picture of you two together in a beautiful photo frame that she can keep forever.


Online Valentine's Day Gifts 2024 - Shop for Heart-Shaped Love and Romantic Gifts for your Loved Ones understands the emotions behind Valentine’s Day and hence has a whole range of Valentine Gift ideas 2024 which will be a big hit amongst your friends and families. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it becomes challenging for young couples to express their feelings in the form of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day that is unique as well as innovative. To help you out in this situation, brings you an extensive collection of Valentine’s Day Gifts online 2024.


Start your loved one's day by sending a fresh rose bouquet to their doorstep. Isn't this the best thing to start a day? As the day goes by, surprise him with a personalized Valentine's Day card and a text explaining how and why you love him so much. Choose from a wide range of romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for her or him and have them delivered to her doorstep during the day. Each gift that you send will have a perfect story behind it that will make her feel special and on top of the world. Later in the evening, surprise your sweetheart with the delivery of her favorite flavored valentine heart-shaped cake that would be one of the most romantic things to sizzle up the evening. All our gifts are arranged beautifully in attractive packaging that matches the occasion. Send Valentine’s Day gifts such as personalized mugs, perfumes, love dairies, Jewellery Heart Shaped Gifts which are perfect valentine’s week gifts for your better half.


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Pick Perfect Romantic Valentine Gifts for Husband and Wife has just the perfect gifts for any occasion to make your day feel special and to make beautiful memories. Choose from a wide range of Flower Baskets, Cakes, Chocolates, Dry Fruits, Sweets, Personalized Items, Jewellery, Accessories, Soft Toys, Green Plants or even Home décor items that are popular and one of our best selling products. Make a beautiful Valentine’s Day Gift Hamper and express your innermost feeling today! Make Valentine’s Day 2024 one of the best Valentine’s Day celebrations and make memories for a lifetime.


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Browse through our exclusive collection of Valentine’s Day Gifts for her online and I bet you won’t regret it. Be at the maddening rush at markets and buy online unique Valentine gifts such as Heart Shaped Soft Toys, Valentine Red Roses, Valentine Heart Shaped Cakes or personalized valentine gifts that make every moment special. Our Valentine Day Cake delivery is one of the best delivery services that ensure your parcel of love is delivered fresh in beautiful packing, especially for your loved ones.


Our wide selection of Valentine’s day gift ideas includes popular valentine day gifts for the husband or valentine’s day gifts for the boyfriend that include Heart Shaped Chocolates, Valentine Personalized Gift Items, Perfumes, Keychains that surely your man will love. So sit back, relax and buy valentine’s gifts online from the comforts of your home and send them to India with the Same Day Delivery or Valentine Express Delivery within a few hours. Buy Valentine’s Day gifts from us and make this year a great celebration to remember!


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Stuck on ideas relating to Valentine's Day? We've got all the help and solutions you need! We have a mind-blowing collection of Valentine's Day gifts that are tailor-made to match almost every need, taste, and preference in contemporary times. If you haven't prepared to surprise your boyfriend/girlfriend suitably, we are here to do the legwork for you! We have all the options that you need to make the day doubly special for your better half. Love knows no barriers and it is love that is the binding aspect of all our gifts. All our gifts are full of unconditional and unadulterated love that will certainly touch your beloved's heart when he/she opens your surprise. This is what adds a silver lining to this special day.


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If you're worried about rushing to buy gifts for Valentine's Day at the very last minute, relax! With us by your side, you can send Valentine's Day gifts in a jiffy, and that too on the very same day! We give you a bagful of Valentine's Day gift ideas that you will appreciate. We do the thinking and legwork for you; all you need to do is choose your gifts for Valentine's Day online and get them dispatched to your loved ones in a jiffy. We give you several exciting and innovative gifting options in this regard. There are some creative options to get him/her moved. Make this day more meaningful, nostalgic, and memorable with our specially curated gifts for the same.

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