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Hum Personalised Keychain

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Special Rakhi with Brother Name

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Bhaiya Name Personalized Rakhi

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Personalized Rakhi with Bhaiya Name

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Perfect Rakhi Goodies Box

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Exquisite Zardosi Rakhi

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Set of Two Rakhi with Imported Chocolate Combo

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Rakhi Gift of Chocolate Wafers Biscuits

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Rakhi Gift Basket of Chocolates and Marshmallow

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Yummy Lindt Chocolate Combo with Zardosi Rakhi

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Badam Tacos Sweets with Charming Designer Rakhi

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Srifal Two Rakhis Set

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When is Raksha Bandhan 2021?

The festival of Raksha Bandhan comes every year on the full moon day of the Shravana month of Hindu calendar; the dates may vary every year. This year Raksha Bandhan date is 22nd August 2021. The day of celebration between the siblings' love and adoration, Raksha Bandhan in 2021 is bound to knock the doors on 22 August, 2021. Gift Across India can help you send rakhi to India online without any hassle.


Significance of Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi is one of the oldest Hindu festivals which is been celebrated all across India and Abroad. On this day all the siblings so their love and care for each other. It celebrates an unbreakable bond with a simple thread of love and protection between a brother and a sister. It's a day on which the sister ties a Rakhi thread on his brother's wrist to showcase her love for him and prays for his good health and long life and he always stays away from all evil things and thoughts and in return the brother promises her sister from protecting any harm in her life and always be on her side in ups and downs in a sister's life. Also, this Rakhi is not just a normal thread but a strong and pure bond between a brother and the sister and no one can tear it apart ever.To knot this love more tightly send handmade rakhi and shower your love.


How to Celebrate Rakhi 2021?

Rakhi is celebrated in a more traditional way, where the sister checks the auspicious muhurat for tying Rakhi on her brother's wrist and then prepares the Rakhi Puja Thali which is decorated with beads, moti, pearls and other items. This Rakhi Puja Thali includes Rakhi Thread, Kumkum, mithias, coconut and Diya, once the Rakhi puja thali is set the sister calls the brother and asks him to sit calmly on the floor. The sister then makes tilak on his brother's forehead, lights up the diya and performs aarti for his good health and prosperity, ties the Rakhi thread on his wrist and finally offers sweets to her loving brother so that the sweetness of love remains for their complete life. Apart from sweets now a day's sister's also choose Rakhi gift hampers like cookies, chocolates or packs of dry fruits. Celebrate this festival with more joy by sending the Rakhi to India. Also, there are many other ways in which Rakhi is been celebrated around but this is one of the most traditional way which has an essence of love, warmth and wishes between the siblings.Make this festival more memorable by sending Rakhi gift hampers.


How to make Rakhi at Home?

Rakhis are designer threads tied around the wrist of brother's and sisters on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan ceremony. It is very easy to make handmade beautiful rakhis at our home using some simple materials like cardboard paper, buckram sheet and silk or normal thread. For making the Rakhi attractive you can design it with beads, stones, sequins, Religious Symbols like Rudraksha, Om, Ganesha and other materials as per your needs and design of the Rakhi to be made. Complete your Rakhi with a colorful ribbon that matches your decorations and send beautiful Zardosi Rakhi. Once you have got all the needed materials with you, then start using multicolored silk threads if you wish to craft a colorful Rakhi and keep the length of the silk thread between 25 to 30 inches. Once done then fold the complete thread bunch to half and with the help of the cotton thread tie a knot onto the one-fourth portion of the silk thread bunch. The one fourth part of the thread would be used to craft into Rakhi and the remaining portion of the thread will be used to be tied around the wrist of your beloved brother. Just make sure that in this process the head of the silk threads should not be kept in the loops. Once the silk threads are not kept in the loops, then take a toothbrush to rub hard on the silk threads and then by holding tight onto the knot brush them with strong strokes, by repetitive strokes this silk thread will turn fluffy and soft. Once the silk thread has become soft you need to split the longer piece of the thread in 2 half's and start planting them in the way and manner you want. Brush the ends of the thread again and tie a knot at the end of the thread. Once done your Rakhi thread is complete. After this you can start decorating the upper part of the thread with moti, beads, religious motifs, stones, sequins and other designer materials as per your theme of the Rakhi by sticking them with the glue stick at the top of the Rakhi thread. And finally once you have designed the upper part of Rakhi with your theme and choice your Handmade Designer Rakhi is ready to be tied to your loving brother wrist. Gift Across India is an online rakhi store platform where you can spread love in a very short time.


Raksha Bandhan Shubh Muhurat Time For Rakhi 2021

Auspicious Time to Tie Rakhi in Raksha Bandhan 2021 - The auspicious time to tie a Rakhi thread to your loving brother on this Raksha Bandhan 2021 is between 1:48 PM to 4:22 PM as per the Aparahna Time Raksha Bandhan Murat given in the Hindu panchang.


Rakhi Thread Ceremony Time for Raksha Bandhan 2021 - The Rakhi thread ceremony for this year Raksha Bandhan starts from morning 6:07 AM to 5:59 PM in the evening.


Rakhi Purnima Tithi 2021 Time - Rakhi purnima tithi begins at 6:55 PM and ends at 22nd August 2021 at 9:10 PM.


Online Rakhi Shopping / Online Rakhi Delivery in India to Celebrate the Significance of Rakhi

The Rakhi or the sacred thread that is tied around the brother's hand is marked with the sister's prayer for her brother's healthy life. This festival is dedicated to siblings and is celebrated to honor and adore their bond. This year make sure distance is not a hindrance to the bond of love and care you share with your sibling. We bring you online rakhi shopping to save you from the trouble of going out during this pandemic.


The thread is the symbol of protection and is believed to be infused with prayers for the long life of the brother. We bring you different kinds of Rakhis like Kundan Rakhi, Mauli Rakhi, Designer Rakhi, Fancy Rakhi, Rudraksha Rakhi, etc. along with our online rakhi delivery assistance. We also deliver our services all over India amidst this global pandemic to ensure your feelings reach out to your near and dear ones. We believe that distance must not be a setback in such modern times and your prayers and wishes must reach your sibling with our online rakhi delivery.


Order Rakhi Online and buy the best rakhi online to Strengthen the Pious Bond 

During this busy time amidst a global pandemic, where all of us, in one way or another, are affected by this ruthless disease, people are staying far away from their families. It is important to make each of them feel loved and cared for. With this thought in mind, we bring forth our services to order rakhi online. The most fascinating thing about this festival is that it is not limited to blood relations, caste, or religion. It is rather a multi-cultural festival celebrated all over the world by various communities. So, to help you stay connected to your loved ones, we have put together our rakhis online collection, for you to choose and pick your best present and order rakhi online.


Therefore, we are trying to reach out to all the families by extending our service to get their feelings and prayers conveyed by sending their love in the form of gifts all over the world. May this festival of Rakhi bring hope, wealth, and prosperity to each one of you and your family. We bring our enormous collection of the best Rakhis online for you and your family. This pandemic will not hinder our efforts in fulfilling our purpose of bringing you close to your near and dear ones and shower you with all the love and luck that you deserve during these difficult times.


You can choose from our best rakhi online collection and send them over to your adorable sisters or relatives living in different countries. You can also choose for your dear brother or sister, an amazing combo collection of rakhis or gifts that we have put together just for you and your loved ones to order rakhi online.


Rakhi Gifts Online 2021- Choose Rakhi Gifts for brothers and buy rakhi online in India

Who does not like receiving thoughtful gifts? Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, and it is time for you to show your love towards your brothers and sisters by buying them gifts that might bring immense happiness to them. Keeping this thought in mind and helping you reach out to your loved ones, we provide you with Rakhi gifts for brothers, so you never miss out on the chance to express your love to your near and dear ones.


We do believe, the more the merrier, so we have done our best to put together several gifts like different flavors of chocolates, different designs of rakhis, and such other diversified gifts for you to choose rakhi gifts for brothers. The first gift that we have on our list is the healthy rakhi gift for your brother. This gift consists of fresh apples, a fresh bouquet, a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolate, and a set of designer rakhi. This healthy and tasty gift from our rakhi gifts for brother collection is just the perfect gift to give your brother.


The brother-sister bond is a package of emotions. Brothers are the unsaid protectors of their sisters. They will help you in need but will leave no stone unturned to annoy you. They are someone whom you cannot live with-cannot live without. Keeping this rollercoaster of emotions in mind, we bring to you our Rakhi gifts for brothers’ collection. This Raksha Bandhan, surprise him with his favorite box of chocolates and choose the one best suited for your brother from our vast personalized collection of Rakhi. With our personalized collection, you can also express your love by giving him customized gifts which might match his personality.


Rakhi Return Gifts Ideas for Sisters - Send Rakhi online and Pamper Her

 To complement the sweet gesture of your sister tying the sacred rakhi thread and wishing for your long life, it becomes important for you to give her an equally gratifying gift to elate her spirits on this auspicious day. To help you reach out to your brother, we provide you with a variety of Rakhi gifts for hampers that will help you to bring a smile to your brother’s face. Hershey’s chocolate combo comes along with a set of designers Rakhi and a portable, handy bag of cashews and almonds, making it a perfect gift to give to your brother this Raksha Bandhan. This hamper also contains a gift card to write down your feelings and convey them to your brother.


Does your sister have a sweet tooth? If yes, we present to you our collection of Rakhi returns gift ideas for sisters. These amazing gifts come in a tray and can be used along the way. It is a combo consisting of different types of chocolates like dairy milk, perk, munch, and Bournville along with dark fantasy cookies and a set of five Rakhi. It is a considerate, simple and a good to go gift if you have many sisters. If your sister has an expensive taste, then this combo of, assorted chocolates, almonds, and cashews packed in an elegant golden box from our rakhi return gift ideas for sisters collection is for her. The assorted chocolates are so richly creamed that it melts right after popping it into the mouth and leaves a sweet aftertaste.


If your sister is a foodie, then this amazing Rakhi gift is for your sister. Gift her the luxurious combo containing mini samosas, mint Laccha and Naan Khatai by the famous Haldirams from our Rakhi gifts for sister collection. Along with this, the hamper contains different chocolates and a set of mini greeting cards. Convey your feelings by writing them down and send them over to your sister. It also comes with Roli, Chawal, and Chandan which makes it a suitable choice for Rakhi return gift ideas for your sister.


If you want to give your sister an exciting Raksha Bandhan gift, then this amazing gift box containing truffle chocolates is where your search ends. This amazing gift will melt your sisters' heart with its flavor and creaminess and bring a shiny smile to her face. Show your sister your tender and caring side by giving her this amazing gift from our Rakhi return gifts for sister selection and let her enjoy the taste of the chocolates that she will continue to savor even after the chocolate is long gone.


From our vast range of unique and mesmerizing collection of Rakhi Return gifts for sister, we bring forth a crafty basket of her favorite chocolates, her favorite scent, or her favorite stationery! With your personalized collection, give her, her favorite accessories that she has been eyeing for a long time from our rakhi gifts and along with the present, order rakhi online


Order rakhi online and buy the best Online Rakhi gifts for kids this Raksha Bandhan 2021

Kids are the most excited among all people about the different festivals. Their happiness is pure and innocent. Although to them, festivals come in a guise to avoid studying and avoid school, even if it is only for a day. What they enjoy the most is the family gathering and all the delicious sweets that come with the festival. To fulfill your demand, we provide you with the best online rakhi gifts for kids.


Choose the gift combo that contains different types of sweets, a chocolate cake, and a set of ornamented rakhi for your little kiddo. What kid does not like to wear Rakhi with Doraemon or Lord Ganesh on it? This Raksha Bandhan, let your little star shine his toothy smile while wearing his favorite cartoon on his wrist and run around the house with utmost excitement and enthusiasm. To give him a little extra boost amidst this pandemic, visit kids Rakhi to choose what might be the best fit for your Lil' kiddo and watch him zealously run around the house with utmost excitement and vigor. Kids Rakhi also comes with a combo offer which includes a set of two Rakhi along with two packets of marshmallows. This amazing and colorful combo will make your little munchkin happy and joyous.


Rakhi gifts for hampers, the Popular Choice for Rakhi Gifts Online 2021

Not satisfied with just one gift. Want to give something unique? Do not worry, we have you covered. This amazing YOU & ME photo frame from a personalized Rakhi gift for hampers will speak volumes to your loved ones. Convey the importance of your bond without many efforts and words with this simple picture frame. A customized keyring with your brother/sisters’ name on it, a cardholder with their initials, or even a simple pen for your siblings is another very thoughtful gift to send over to your dear ones.


A popular choice from our Rakhi gifts for hampers collective includes a key chain, put together with the very tasty box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. It contains a mini greeting card for you to pen down your thoughts and wishes. It also comes with a pack of Roli Chandan and a set of two Rakhi. The most amazing thing about this keychain is that it can be customized as per your preferences. You can add your brother’s name to this keychain or his favorite word or a pet name that only you called him. This gift from our Rakhi gifts for hampers is a very significant gift that will not only be used by him every day but will also speak volumes of your precious bond as your brother carries it along with him.


 Next on our list is the very elegant pooja thali from our collection of Rakhi gifts for hampers. Gift this to your sister so she remembers you every time she uses this beautifully decorated pooja thali that comes with “Roli Chawal” and a set of Rakhi. This pooja thali will remind her about the precious bond that you share long after the festival is over.


Celebrate Rakhi (राखी) 2021 with Giftacrossindia.com - Get the Best Raksha Bandhan Gifts Online for Brother & Sister

India is a land of festivals where some occasion is dedicated to one or other relationship and conveys the strong bonding between the individuals. Celebrate sibling love with the auspicious celebration of Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan is one such occasion which symbolizes the deep attachment and mutual love between a brother and sister who are always there for each other. They share a special bonding with each other and are always eager to help each other at the time of distress. Talking about the occasion, Raksha Bandhan is a traditional Hindu festival which is celebrated with enthusiasm in various parts of India. It occurs on the last day of the Hindu lunar calendar month of Shraavana which is equivalent to August month of the Gregorian calendar. Raksha Bandhan is made up of two words, “Raksha” means protection and “Bandhan” means bond which translates into the bond of protection. The day is observed by sisters tying a talisman, amulet or Rakhi on the wrist of their beloved brothers and the latter takes a vow in return to protect his sister at all costs. The auspicious occasion is a testament of the love, understanding and faith among brothers and sisters which in return is a celebration of the sibling relationship. There are various rituals, folklore and traditions associated with this occasion but the basic understanding focuses on the beautiful relationship between a brother and a sister only. This universal theme shows the unconditional mutual understanding and love between a brother and sister who are best buddies, secret keepers, partners in mischief and much more which makes this festival truly special and memorable for them. So on this auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan Giftacrossindia.com has extensive collection of Rakhi Gifts for your loving brother such as: Rakhi Sets, Rakhi Gift Hampers, Premium Rakhis, Rakhi Personalized Gifts and many more other gifts online.


Send Rakhi Gifts Online - Online Rakhi (राखी) Shopping with Free Delivery All Across India

Order the best Rakhi gifts for your sibling with our popular online gifting store. The spirit, enthusiasm and madness of this occasion is best conveyed through an amazing Rakhi gift for your brother or sister and it deserves a careful assessment and gift searching. If you are eager to celebrate this unique festival in an extraordinary manner, you need to order a special Rakhi gift for your beloved brother or sister from our popular online gifting store. An Occasion of Celebration, a day of rakhis, sweets, dry fruits, chocolates with lots of gifts and a bond of Love and affection between brothers and sisters that can only me measured in warmth and fondness. We can easily offer the best-in-class Rakhi gift items that are truly splendid in terms of the quality and price.


Order the Best Raksha Bandhan Gift from our Diverse Collection of Online Gifts

Raksha Bandhan is not just another festival; it is a medium to express your infinite love and emotions towards your sibling. It is an important festival which is a testimony of the strong relationship and bonding between a brother and a sister. If you are tired of visiting your local marketplace for buying a wonderful Rakhi, save your precious time by browsing our online gifting store. We have a fantastic collection of beautiful Rakhis for your loving brother that can convey your mutual emotions effectively. We have got a diverse collection of Rakhis for your adorable brother based on his choices and preferences. For a cartoon or superhero loving brother, you can order cute cartoons and Superhero based Kids Rakhis. Similarly, you can buy stylish Zardosi and Kundan Rakhis for your brother who loves designer and authentic Rakhis. Giftacrossindia.com gifting store can also provide bracelet style Rakhis, symbolic Rakhis, Gods and Goddesses Rakhis and other such Rakhis for the auspicious festival of Raksha Bandhan. Enjoy online Raksha Bandhan shopping from Giftacrossindia.com which offers various Rakhi Gifts and unique designer Rakhi. We also provide you with an option of sending Rakhi to USA, Canada, UK, UAE and Worldwide at lowest price with Free Shipping in India.\


Online Rakhi Gifts Delivery - Express Emotions to your Beloved Brother by Sending Rakhi Online To India

The month of August is about to arrive and so is the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan. The arrival of this holy festival signifies the strong bonding and love between a brother and a sister. It is one of the important festivals which is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India. Sisters use this festival to buy gifts and Rakhi for their loving brothers and the latter also buy return gifts for their adorable sisters. It is a wonderful festival which is meant to be celebrated with exciting Rakhi gifts, hampers, combos and other gifts. If you are unable to find an appropriate local gifting store for Raksha Bandhan, it is important to visit our online gifting store to save your time and efforts. Gift Across India gifting store can offer the best Rakhi gifts to your loved ones at the comfort of your home and can redefine the meaning of online gift shopping. There will not be any unnecessary wastage of time and efforts which is a common phenomenon while going for a gift searching at your local marketplace. However, with our online gifting store, everything is streamlined and hassle-free for a memorable celebration of Raksha Bandhan. Everything is easily available at your doorstep with the help of a few mouse clicks on our website and can start a new era of online gift shopping for any special occasion, event or festival. Make this Raksha Bandhan memorable with online gifts from Gift Across India store.


Checkout our Collection of Unique Rakhi Designs Online for your Siblings

Our Rakhi Designs are perfect for your brother and you can choose from a huge collection as per your brother’s choice. Browse Fancy Rakhis, Designer Rakhis, Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhis, Silver Rakhis, Pearl Rakhis. You can also send religious and good luck rakhis such as Om Rakhis, Rudraksh Rakhis or Ganesha Rakhis. This Rakhi do something unique, send personalized Rakhi to your brother and see that naughty smile on his face. We have a huge range of beautiful kids Rakhi for your little prince brother. Send Rakhi with Puja Thali or Rakhi Gifts for brother only from Giftacrossindia.com at cheap prices online in India.


Rakhi Gifts Ideas from Gifts Across India - Online Rakhi Gifts Delivery In India

Our Rakhi gifts are designed for the sibling of any age group so that you don’t have to visit multiple gifting stores to choose an ideal gift for your dear brother or sister. You just have to browse the gifting collection under Rakhi category and we have the different design and type of Rakhis such as Fancy Rakhis, Zardosi Rakhis, Mauli Rakhis, Simple Rakhis, Kids Rakhis, Pearl Rakhis, Ganesha Rakhis, Stone Rakhis, Rakhi Bracelets, Rudraksha Rakhis, and many more designs also we will deliver the best Rakhi gift right to your desired destination within few mouse clicks. There is no need to visit multiple local gifting stores in a marketplace as every gift item is readily available within a single roof to save your precious time and efforts. With such a vast range of Rakhi gifts, we are undoubtedly the best destination for all your diverse gifting requirements for any occasion, event or moment from the comfort of your home only. It is time to forget gift hunting and avail the best Rakhi gifts for your dear ones from our popular online gifting store.


Choose From Our Huge Collection of Online Rakhi Gifts for Your Siblings

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is incomplete without the presence of amazing Rakhi gifts for your beloved brother or sister. Explore the wide range of Rakhi gift hamper such as Rakhi With Sweets, Rakhi With Dry Fruits, Rakhi With Puja Thali, Rakhi Combos For Brothers to convey your deep love for your beloved sibling. However, gift searching is a tedious task and can consume a lot of time if you are unable to find an appropriate gifting store. To resolve such concern of our valuable customers, Gift Across India gifting store is ready to welcome with its huge assortment of Rakhi gifts that are tailor-made for everyone. We have got everyone covered and you would not regret visiting our online gifting store for a perfect Rakhi gift for your adorable brother or sister.


Send Exclusive & Meaningful Rakhi Gifts for Sister Online And Make Her Feel Out of The World

You can offer beautiful fresh flowers, gift combos, beauty hamper, perfumes, soft toys and other gifts for your loving sister as Rakhi Return Gifts for Sister on Raksha Bandhan. Similarly, we can help you order Rakhi with Cake, Rakhi with Flowers, Rakhi with Cookies, sweets combos and much more for your beloved brother to cheer him on this special occasion. Apart from this superb gifting collection, Gift Across India offers unisex Rakhi special gift hampers and combos that are surely an instant attention grabber. In this way, our online gifting store can help you choose the best Rakhi gift for your loving brother or sister to take your Rakhi celebration to another level. Choose the best Rakhi gift and convey the unsaid emotions and feelings to your sibling on this important occasion.


Send Rakhi Gifts anywhere with our timely Gift Delivery Services

No doubt, you may have selected the best Rakhi gift for your loving brother or sister after a lot of evaluation but the task is not finished yet. And, it would not be naive to say that the real job has just begun and it is time to actually focus on finding a reliable gift delivery service for your Rakhi gift. If you are truly exhausted in this boring exercise, it is advisable to send Rakhi gifts to your loved ones with our reputed gift delivery services. Our online gifting store has crafted a niche place for itself due to amazing gifting collection and its time bound delivery to your destination. This is because gifts are relevant only when they are delivered at the time of a special occasion or event to maintain the spirit and enthusiasm related to it. However, this may not be the case always and thus Gift Across India is your ultimate solution for all delivery related woes.


Buy Rakhi Gifts Online From Gift Across India

We can help you send the amazing Rakhi gift to your adorable brother or sister in India or abroad with their dedicated gift delivery services. Even if you are placing the order on the same day or at the stroke of midnight, we can send Rakhi gifts to your special ones with our express rakhi gifts delivery services. So, choose our online gifting store and send Rakhi gifts in a hassle-free manner.


Handpicked Collection of Beautiful Lumba Rakhis for Sister-in-laws

Your Bhabhi plays many roles in your life. She is like your mother, your sister and even your best friend. A relationship between a sister and her sister in law is unique and special and is therefore celebrated on Raksha Bandhan along with your brother. On Rakhi, a sister in addition to tying Rakhi on her brother’s wrist also ties a lumba Rakhi on her Bhabhi (brother’s wife) wrist signifying that she is always praying for their happy and long married life together. 


Send Rakhi to India and get it delivered Instantly

Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival celebrated mostly in India. This festival celebrates the love between brothers and sisters. The Indians living outside the country also do celebrate this festival and send rakhi to India along with other gifts. Gifts are given to our loved ones to express our love for them and when they take the token of love and appreciate it with a smile, the joy is simply unmatchable. Gifts for sending your brothers can be like apparels, various accessories, games etc. Gifts for sending your sisters can be like apparels, ornaments, flowers, etc.


Online Rakhi Shopping and More

Raksha Bandhan Shopping can be done very easily and quickly after the advent of online shopping. Today by sitting at home you can buy rakhi gifts online, do online rakhi shopping and send rakhi online within India and abroad. You will experience seamless online rakhi delivery from this online rakhi store, all you need to do is order rakhi online and just complete the procedure and thus sending rakhi online will never be so easy before!


Free shipping and Same-day online Rakhi delivery from Gifts Across India

During this busy time amidst a global pandemic, where people are staying close to or far away from their families, it is important to make each of them feel loved and cared for. To make things convenient and easy for you, we bring to you our free shipping and same-day online rakhi delivery service. We at Gifts Across India are trying to reach out to all the families by extending our helping hands to get their feelings and prayers conveyed by sending their gifts to cross India. May this festival of Rakhi bring hope, wealth, and prosperity to each one of you and your family. To make you feel closer to your family, we bring to you our enormous collection of Rakhi for you to send beautiful Rakhi across India. This pandemic will not hinder our efforts in fulfilling our purpose of bringing you close to your near and dear ones.


You can choose from our assorted rakhi gifts and send them anywhere in India with our same-day online rakhi delivery. You can choose and personalize the rakhi gift as per your wishes and deliver it to your loved ones with a simple and easy method. You can choose your brother’s favorite chocolates and Rakhi that will best suit him and send it to your sibling all the while enjoying our free shipping and same say online rakhi delivery.


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With your loved ones staying overseas, it can be a problem to convey your love to them. To solve this problem, we bring forth our helping hand to send your rakhi online even to a faraway land. Send beautiful rakhi abroad with our international delivery service- Giftacrossindia and help your loved ones feel important and cared for. Order rakhi online and choose from our assorted collection of rakhi with chocolates and send it to faraway lands to bring smiles to the faces of your loved ones. Send this beautiful rakhi abroad with our international delivery service- Giftacrossindia without any problem.


FAQs for online Rakhi shopping - easy way to send Rakhi online this Raksha Bandhan

Q. What is the best gift to sister on this Raksha Bandhan?

A. This Raksha Bandhan, gift your sister the thing that she had been eyeing for a long time. If our sister is a chocoholic, then our bestseller and all-time favorite Hershey’s Treat Hamper might just be the best gift to your sister this Raksha Bandhan. 

Q. How to send Rakhi online?

A. Sending Rakhi online will never be a hassle if you choose from Gifts Across India. Choose the Rakhi that you think will look best on your sibling. Add it to your cart and proceed to buy. Save the address where you want the Rakhi to be delivered.  Make the payment and confirm your order.

Best Rakhi From Giftacrossindia.com

Top RakhiRakhi By PriceShipping MethodSpeciality
Set of Two Rakhi with Imported Chocolate ComboRakhi Under 500Same Day DeliveryFree Shipping
Rakhi Gift of Chocolate Wafers BiscuitsRakhi Under 1000Fix Time DeliverySecure Payment
Rakhi Gift Basket of Chocolates and Marshmallow Rakhi Under 2000Midnight DeliveryPriority Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Rakhi Gifts Online

Does Giftacrossindia.com deliver Rakhi gifts in my city?

Giftacrossindia.com deliver gifts in 500+ cities across India, please check for city option in product details page of Rakhi

How Reliable is Giftacrossindia.com Rakhi gifts delivery?

Giftacrossindia.com is highly reliable gift portal for Rakhi delivery. Giftacrossindia.com has been delivering Rakhi on time for more than 10 years in 500+ cities of India.

Can I Send a Personal Message with a Gift?

Giftacrossindia.com value your emotions behind sending Rakhi and hence we have enable users to convey emotions and personal messages & wishes to the receiver of their gift.

Can you deliver Rakhi on Same Day?

Giftacrossindia.com can delivery Rakhi Gifts on the Same Day at major locations across India.

What is the best time to tie Rakhi on Raksha Bandhan 2021?

The best time to tie Rakhi on Raksha Bandhan 2021 is during Aparahna at 01:48 PM to 04:22 PM. If Aparahna time is not possible then Pradosh time is also suitable to tie Rakhi at 07:10 PM to 09:17 PM

Suggested Reads About Rakhi

When is Rakhi 2021? Send Raksha Bandhan Gifts Online to India only from Giftacrossindia.com!

Rakhi is celebrated every year on the full moon day of the Shraavana month of the Hindu Calendar and the day varies year on year. This year Rakhi falls on 22nd August 2021 (Sunday). Rakhi or Raksha...Read More

What To Write In A Raksha Bandhan Card

The festival of Raksha Bandhan honours a brother's love for his sister and is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravan. Sisters tie rakhi on their brothers' wrists on this day to ...Read More

Are you late in sending Rakhi? Don't worry delight your sibling instantly with our Same Day Rakhi Gift Delivery from Giftacrossindia.com

There is only one occasion that can convey the warmth, love and mutual admiration between siblings in an extra ordinary manner. That unique occasion is none other than the festival of Raksha Bandhan w...Read More

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