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10 Red Roses Bouquet with Manifold Dry Fruits Box Bhai Dooj Hamper

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Exclusive Bhaidooj Tikka Gift

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Bhai Dooj Lindor Chocolate with Drfruits

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Wonderful Bhaidooj Gift

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Bhaidooj Big Chocolate Dryfruit Hamper

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Bhaidooj Surprise Chocolate Box

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Chocolate Treat on Bhaidooj

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Basket of Goodies for Bhaidooj

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Special Dryfruit Choco Bhaidooj Hamper

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Unlocking the Traditions: The Significance of Bhai Dooj in Indian Culture

India's rich tapestry of festivals is not just about mouth-watering cuisines; it's also about the captivating legends and tales woven into each celebration. Every festival in India boasts a unique narrative, adding depth and meaning to the occasion, and Bhai Dooj is a shining example. This heartfelt celebration pays homage to the extraordinary sibling bond, bearing different names across the nation. Known as Bhai Phota in West Bengal, Bhai Beej in Gujarat, Bhau Beej in Maharashtra, and Bhai Dooj Tikka in the northern regions, this festival holds a special place in the Diwali festivities. Bhai Dooj is observed two days after the grandeur of Diwali and follows its distinct customs and rituals. On this auspicious day, sisters tie a sacred thread called Roli around their brothers' wrists while offering prayers for their safety and well-being. In this endearing gesture, sisters promise to stand by their brothers through thick and thin, emphasizing the profound love that binds siblings together. This festival serves as a testament to the enduring sibling relationship, highlighting the unique and cherished connection between brothers and sisters. Bhai Dooj beautifully encapsulates the essence of familial love, making it a cherished and significant part of India's festival calendar.


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Bhai Dooj, deeply rooted in Hindu tradition, stands as a testament to the sibling bond that resonates with Indians worldwide. This cherished festival entails a poignant ceremony where sisters lovingly apply a Tikka on their brothers' foreheads, offering prayers for their well-being and happiness. Bhai Dooj is a heart-warming celebration that beautifully acknowledges the enduring love and connection between brothers and sisters. At the heart of this festive occasion lies the exchange of gifts, adding an extra layer of excitement and unforgettable moments to the celebration. As Bhai Dooj meticulously honors the pivotal roles played by siblings in each other's lives, the choice of gifts becomes all the more significant. Giftacrossindia, a premier online gifting platform in India, is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and satisfying online gifting experience for all. Our extensive assortment of Bhai Dooj gifts is poised to make Bhai Dooj 2023 truly exceptional. Whether you're seeking the perfect gift for your sister or brother, you'll find a diverse range of options at your fingertips. Our array of Bhaubeej gifts caters to both sisters and brothers, ensuring that you discover the ideal token of affection for your beloved sibling. With Giftacrossindia, you have the perfect partner to transform Bhai Dooj into an unforgettable and joyous celebration. Explore our curated collection of Bhaubeej gifts for brothers and sisters, and surprise your sibling with a gesture of love that will be cherished for years to come.


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The festive season is a time of joy, love, and togetherness, and it's particularly heart-warming when you can celebrate with family and friends. But for those who are far away from their loved ones, the distance can feel even more pronounced during special occasions like Bhai Dooj. Missing out on family gatherings, delicious feasts, and the essence of the festival can be challenging, especially if your brother is among those living away from home. However, with Giftacrossindia, you can bridge the gap and ensure your brother feels like an integral part of the festivities. Our reputation as one of India's most trusted gifting stores is built on the pillars of exceptional quality gifts, impeccable service, and punctual delivery. We understand the profound significance of timely gift deliveries, and that's why we've fine-tuned our delivery services to perfection. When you choose to send a Bhai Dooj gift through Giftacrossindia, you're guaranteed not only high-quality presents but also precise, on-time deliveries. Our dedicated team of delivery partners works diligently to ensure your gift reaches its destination exactly when it should. Worried about determining the right delivery time? Don't be! We've got you covered with a unique feature that lets you choose your preferred delivery time. You can select from various slots and timings for your Bhai Dooj tikka gift, and we will execute the delivery according to your specifications. For an extra element of surprise, consider our ever-popular midnight delivery service. Imagine your brother receiving an exquisite gift just as the clock strikes midnight, ushering in Bhai Dooj in style. You can easily arrange this delightful surprise by paying a small midnight delivery fee. If you want to ensure your gift's arrival at a specific time, our fixed-time delivery option is ideal. With this service, you can pick a precise delivery slot, and we'll make sure your gift reaches your brother as scheduled. And for an added touch of early morning cheer, you can opt for our morning delivery service at no extra cost. Picture your brother's delight as he receives a lovely gift while sipping his morning tea or coffee. With Giftacrossindia, you have an array of delivery options at your fingertips, ensuring that your brother feels cherished and connected on Bhai Dooj. All you need to do is select the perfect gift, place your order, and let us handle the rest – we've got every detail taken care of.


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Gift Across India isn't just an online gift store; it's a treasure trove of gift ideas to cater to all your gifting needs. Our extensive gift categories span across Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, home and living gifts, fresh flowers, delightful cakes, and vibrant green plants. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, expressing your love, or simply surprising someone, we've got you covered. At our gift store, you'll discover a wide array of gift types, including thoughtfully curated gift hampers, heart-warming personalized gifts, and versatile gift cards that let your loved ones choose their perfect present. Our commitment to making your celebrations extraordinary is evident in our diverse collection of Diwali Bhaidooj combos, tailored to enhance the spirit of the festival. But that's not all. We understand the unique significance of Bhai Dooj and the beautiful bond between brothers and sisters. That's why we've curated exclusive categories of Bhai dooj gifts for both brothers and sisters. Here, you'll find an array of options, each designed to express your affection and appreciation for your sibling. As you explore our selection, you'll come across exceptional Bhaidooj Tikka, Tikka thali, and Bhaidooj hampers. These include Bhaidooj tikka with sweets, tikka with premium dry fruits, and tikka with luscious chocolates. It's not just about sending gifts; it's about creating cherished moments and strengthening the sibling bond. So, this Bhaidooj, make your brother feel truly special by ordering Bhai dooj Tikka online from Giftacrossindia. The best part? You can rely on our seamless online bhai dooj gifts delivery service to ensure your chosen gift reaches its destination on time. With Gift Across India, you're not just sending a gift; you're sending love and warm wishes, making every celebration even more memorable.


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Discover the Perfect Bhai Phota Gift - A Selection of Delightful Choices

In Bengal, Bhai Phota marks the joyous occasion of Bhai Dooj. Gift Across India understands the importance of this celebration, and we've meticulously curated a diverse collection of gift items to ensure that sisters can choose the ideal Bhai Phota gift. Our selection includes a variety of options, such as Tikka Gifts, Pooja Thalis, Chocolates, Indian Sweets, Fresh Fruits, Dry Fruits, and Personalized Gifts. This extensive range allows you to explore and find the perfect gift for Bhai Dooj that will truly resonate with your brother. If you want to awaken your brother's Indian taste buds, you can opt for delectable sweets. Alternatively, selecting nutritious dry fruits will be a thoughtful gesture towards his well-being. And for those with a sweet tooth, gifting chocolates as a Bhai Phota present will undoubtedly tickle their taste buds. Brothers can also express their affection by purchasing and sending Bhai Dooj gifts for sisters through Gift Across India. Our offerings extend to a wide array of flower arrangements and lush green plants that make excellent choices to show your love and appreciation on this special day. So, explore our collection and select the perfect Bhai Phota gift that perfectly complements your sibling bond and enhances the spirit of Bhai Dooj.


Celebrate Bhaubij with Online Gifts from Gift Across India

The profound bond between brothers and sisters has an incredible power to bring joy to their lives. Gift Across India is your trusted companion in celebrating this unique connection by offering a seamless platform to send Bhaubeej gifts online. We cover over 1000 plus cities and towns across India, so geographical distances are no longer a barrier to cherishing this auspicious occasion and sharing smiles with your siblings. Whether you're miles away from your brother or sister, you can participate in the celebrations by choosing to shop for Bhaubij gifts online from our extensive collection. Discover a multitude of gift options that allow you to express your love and affection with a heartfelt message that we gladly deliver with the gift. We offer the perfect solution for long-distance celebrations - you can send a cake to your sibling while ordering one for yourself. Enjoy cutting the cakes simultaneously and connect over a video call, creating cherished memories even when miles apart. Choose Gift Across India to make your Bhaubij celebrations extra special!


Make Your Sister's Bhai Dooj Unforgettable with Exceptional Return Gifts

Festivals and special occasions provide the perfect opportunity to express your affection and appreciation for your loved ones through thoughtful and captivating gifts. If you're seeking to make this Bhai Dooj extra special for your sister, you've come to the right place. Discover a remarkable collection of Bhai Dooj gifts for sisters at our online store and astound your sister with the best offerings available. Choose from a wide array of options that include elegant accessories, delightful branded perfumes, exquisite fresh flowers, delectable desserts, charming personalized gifts, and much more. Our user-friendly website is brimming with enchanting Bhai Dooj gifts tailored for sisters. Explore the myriad choices and place your order today to create cherished memories on this joyous occasion!


Bhai Dooj 2023: Grab Amazing Bhai Dooj Gifts for Your Brother               

Are you looking for the best Bhai Dooj gifts for brother in 2023? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with some amazing gifts for Bhai Dooj 2023. On 14th November (Tuesday) India will celebrate Bhai Dooj, a festival that honors the bond between siblings and is observed two days after Diwali. The event takes place on the second day of the Shukla Paksha of the Kartika month, which falls between October and November, based on the Gregorian calendar. The celebration, also known as Bhau Beej and Bhai Phota, is comparable to Raksha Bandhan. Sisters traditionally apply a "tilak" to their brother's forehead and offer prayers for a long life as part of rituals.     


Why is Bhai Dooj Celebrated in India? 

Bhai Dooj is celebrated every year in India to express the pure love and ties that exist between a sister and a brother. Moreover, the purpose of Bhai Dooj, like Raksha Bandhan in India, is to honor the everlasting relationship between a brother and a sister. Brothers visit their sisters on this joyous occasion to check on their well-being and to give some Bhai Dooj gifts and goodies. Furthermore, the thrill of the day is finished by giving gifts and sharing love, while brothers and sisters also exchange Bhai Dooj gifts on this occasion. To celebrate this sibling festival in a memorable manner, you can choose a variety of Bhau beej 2023 gifts from our online gifting portal to express your infinite love and affection. From mouth-watering chocolates to traditional sweets, dry fruits to gift hampers, beautiful flowers, and more, you can order the best Bhai Dooj gifts for brother or sister to spread the festive cheer. 


Bhai Dooj History and Significance

Goddess Yamuna, also known as Yami, and her brother Lord Yamraj had a very intimate relationship, according to ancient Hindu texts. They had not spoken in a very long time, so she was eager to see him. She was very thrilled when her brother came to see her on the second day following Diwali.


In addition to preparing a sumptuous meal, she also applied a tilak to his forehead and prayed for his long and healthy life. The gesture moved Lord Yamraj to tears and he gave his blessings. Since then, if any sister applies tilak on her brother's forehead, he need not be afraid of Lord Yamraj. Also, Goddess Yamuna said that she wants him to visit her every year and the brothers would be in turn, protected by their sister's love.             


Express your sibling love with Bhai Dooj Greetings

The finest options to send to your distant siblings when you want to wish them a happy Bhai Dooj but find it tough to explain your feelings to them are texts, Bhai Dooj greetings, and quotes. Treat your siblings well since they are your best connection to your past and the ones who are most likely to stick by you in the long run.  


Top 3 Bhai Dooj Gifts for Brother 2023

You can gift your brother some amazing gifts on this Bhai dooj. Also, your brother would be overjoyed with chocolates, cakes, flowers, and personalised gifts.  So let's celebrate your enduring friendship this Bhai Dooj with the ideal gifts for brothers.


If your brother loves sweets, then you can find several delicious sweets options in this blog article, like Rosogolla, Gulab Jamun, Kaju Katli, and other sweets. Send your brother Bhai Dooj presents online, wherever he may be, to strengthen your bond. Furthermore, we've compiled Bhai Dooj gifts for brothers to help you.

  1. Give your brother this Bhai Dooj beard oil as a gift to encourage the growth of a strong beard. Nowadays, sporting a stylish beard is a symbol of style and elegance, so give your brother this novel Bhai Dooj gift idea and give him a beard that is silky smooth.
  2. Do you have a brother that enjoys coffee as much as you do? Then this is your perfect chance to make his morning ritual more unique with a personalized message cup as a Bhai Dooj gift this year. Furthermore, you can create any unique greeting for your brother wishing him Bhau Beej 2023.
  3. You are aware of the brand that is popular with your brother, but you are unsure about what to buy. The ideal substitute is to provide them with a gift card as a Bhai Dooj 2023 gift suggestion so that they can purchase precisely what they need and you can make them delighted.        

Even though Bhai Dooj 2023 is a national holiday, it goes by several names in different regions of India. The same festival has several names throughout the nation's many states. For instance, In Goa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka in the south of the nation, the celebration is referred to as "Bhau Beej”. The celebration is known as "Bhai Phota" in West Bengal, which is on the Eastern front of the nation.


Bhai Dooj Date and Auspicious Mahurat for Tikka 

This year Bhai Dooj 2023 will be celebrated on November 14 and 15, 2023, during Dwitiya Tithi tikka time, from 12:38 PM to 02:53 PM. Giftacrossindia has always been devoted and committed to its customers and their needs and will always fulfill all demands that call for a great celebration to remember. Hence, it has put together a range of Bhai dooj gift ideas for bothering and returning gifts for sisters.


Order Bhai Dooj Gifts along with Bhai Dooj Tikka Online from Gift Across India 

Bhai Dooj is a traditional festival of India that is celebrated by Indians everywhere. This day is celebrated as per the Indian Hindu Mythology, where the evil demon Narakasura was slain by Lord Krishna. Then when he visited his sister Subhadra she gave him a warm welcome with sweets and flowers. Out of pure love and affection, she also applied a red Tilak on her brother Krishna's forehead and prayed for his well-being and prosperity. Bhai Dooj, also popularly known as Bhaubeej, is celebrated on the second lunar day of Shukla Paksha per the Hindu calendar. It is celebrated just after the Diwali festival. Bhaubeej is the celebration of eternal love between siblings, and it is this festival that brings a family together and strengthens their relationship further with love, care, and respect. Typically, the Bhai Dooj celebration takes place on the 2nd day of Diwali. Send to India the best Bhai Dooj Gifts online for your brother from


Are you looking for Bhai Dooj gift ideas?

Give him something he truly enjoys. For example, if he enjoys watching football, it would be a good idea to get him a sports-related gift rather than something else. However, some very unique options will brighten her day. See how her expressions change as you give her a mermaid blanket or a nail polish holder, a heel phone stand or an adorable panda phone stand, a cuddling cushion, or soft unicorn slippers. Because, yes, she, too, had been considering the traditional gifts she would receive. So your one-of-a-kind gifts would make her giddy with excitement!! If you're in search of gift ideas for your married sister, consider giving her a pair of spa socks and gloves. A pair of plush minion slippers are also a cute option.


Gifts for Brothers on Bhai Dooj

Bhai dooj is a festival that honors the sweet tie between a brother and a sister. We have tikka presents for Bhai dooj, and all you have to do is check in to see the selection. Flowers, chocolates, cakes, and personalized gift items would make your brother very happy.


Bhai dooj is a perfect chance to give your brother some beautiful presents. Get the best gift for your brother on Bhai dooj. If you want to get Online tikka for Bhai Dooj, simply visit our website and forget about going to the local market. Bhai dooj is a traditional holiday in our culture that connects brothers and sisters closer together. We have a variety of gifts for Bhai dooj. You have a wide range of presents to choose from that will brighten your brother's day. If he enjoys sweets, you can find Kaju Katli, Rosogolla, Gulab Jamun, Rasbhari, and other items on our website. So, send Bhai dooj presents online to your brother, no matter where he is, and make your bond perfect.


Online Unique Bhai Dooj Gifts

Bhai dooj, which is observed a day following Lord Rama's return, is a celebration honoring the particular bond that exists between siblings. Your quest for Bhai dooj may be picking up speed as the occasion approaches. Choosing the perfect present for your brother or sister can be time-consuming and perplexing. However, with Bhai dooj presents online, you'll be able to choose from the greatest Bhai dooj gifts available. So, stop looking for the best gift in your city because has a large choice of innovative gifts to fulfill all of your needs. Get on board and peruse the shelves for unusual and out-of-the-box gift ideas for Bhai dooj.


Online Bhai Dooj Tikka Gifts

Siblings are God's Gifts. Many of us have brothers who live in other countries, and we often miss them during these festivals. Bhai dooj is one of those occasions when we miss our childhood and the memories we shared with our siblings, and the distance between us often makes it difficult to express our feelings to them. So, gift your siblings Bhai dooj tikka and make them feel cherished and loved from the bottom of your heart. With the rise of online shopping, it's now simple to send Bhai Dooj presents to anyone in the world. Order today to take advantage of exceptional offers on Bhai Dooj presents, Bhai Tika gifts, Pooja Thali, and other items, and bring a smile to your loving brothers' or sisters' faces. You could choose from a combination of gifts, ranging in price from low to expensive. So, instead of going all over the place looking for the ideal gift, you can visit our website and send them the gorgeous gift they could ever dream of. offers Tikka and other Bhai Dooj Gifts

A sister is always looking for the best kind of preparation for Bhai dooj. She recognizes her brother as the best in the world. can assist you in delivering Bhai dooj tikka gifts to your brother from afar so that he can receive your blessings. If he is returning home to celebrate this wonderful festival, you should purchase a Bhai dooj puja thali to add glitz and glam to the occasion. We are confident that our same-day delivery, quick delivery, and free shipping services will provide you with a pleasant experience in major cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, etc.


Bhai Dooj Gifts For Brother

If you, dear sister, are looking for amazing Bhai dooj presents for your brother online, a unique present on such a significant occasion, then we have some stuff you would want to check. Whether your brother is older or younger, one thing is certain: he will never let you live in peace. He pulls a variety of pranks on you, from tugging your chair to pulling your ponytails. As a lovely retaliation for all the grief he's given you, here are some amusing Bhaidooj gift ideas for him. To make him chuckle, give him funny presents like zombie plush slippers, poop farts, a sound button, a spooky mug, or a social media shower curtain. Even better, use the fake poop, drinking game cards, and an anger management cup to make light of everything.


This time, give your brother something out of the ordinary as a present. Remove the chocolates and shirts from the equation and replace them with one-of-a-kind Bhaidooj presents for brother.


Order Bhai dooj gifts for your brother and celebrate the festivities with an abundance of joy!

A brother-sister relationship is the most cherished one, one where you will always feel protected and loved. On the occasion of Bhai Dooj, give the best gift for your brother on Bhai dooj. Surprise your brother with our Bhai dooj hamper, which will provide as one gift for multiple gifts. With special varieties of hampers, you can gift your brother and make his day a memorable one. To make your day more special, we have Bhai dooj gifts for sisters too. Get Bhai dooj express delivery and surprise your brother and sister. Drop a hint to your brother if he's away to send you one too, so even in the distance, you both are near and feel their presence and adoration although you're sitting km away from them. Order whatever you think suits best for you guys and send them across your love, so they don't feel alone in the festive season where everyone remembers family. Show them how you will always be there for them even when you're away. With our Bhai Dooj express delivery services, even if you were a little late to order, we assure you it will reach your beloved brother or sister on time, and you can enjoy the festivities. is one of India's largest online gifting shops that deliver anywhere in India the same day. We have brought you a wide range of gifts for Bhai Dooj online that are unique and come at affordable prices. Also, check out a range of Bhai Dooj return gifts for sisters that they will truly love and cherish. You are exactly at the right place if you are looking for the best Bhai Dooj gifts to India and want to surprise your brother in any corner of India. Get a gift for Bhai dooj for my sister.


Order Bhai Dooj Tikka along with Exclusive Gifts for Beloved Brother at Gifts Across India

The celebrations of Bhai Dooj are celebrated almost similar to the festival of Rakhi for Raksha Bandhan. It is celebrated joyously with brothers and sisters exchanging gifts and reliving their childhood memories. In the traditional parts of the country, sisters perform Aarti for their brother and apply a red tikka on their forehead. The tikka ceremony signifies the sister's earnest prayers for a long and happy life for her brother. In return, brothers also bless their sisters and shower them with gifts and sweets. Missing your brother this Bhai Dooj? bridges this gap by making unique and special Bhai Dooj gifts online, including specially designed Bhai dooj thali that can be delivered anywhere in India with same-day delivery through our express delivery service. Browse through a wide range of Bhai Dooj tikka items online and make your brother feel special. Send Bhai Dooj Gifts Online from We have one of the largest ranges of Bhai Dooj gifts for brothers; get Bhai dooj tikka online gifts such as Bhai Dooj Tikka, Bhaidooj combo, tikka with dry fruits, Tikka with chocolates, and tikka with Sweets.


Make the Celebration More Special with these Lovely Bhaubeej Gifts from

We bring an amazing collection of unique Bhai dooj gift ideas for your brother. All you need to do is browse and select from our various categories such as Bhai dooj Sweets, Bhai Dooj Gifts, Bhai Dooj Chocolates online, or even the traditional Bhai Dooj tikkas. Surprise your brother anywhere in India with our same-day gifts delivery that delivers your Bhai dooj gift to your brother right at his doorstep. Our Express Delivery services ensure that your parcel is at your brother's doorstep within a span of 4 to 5 hours. All our cakes and sweets are made fresh and delivered in beautiful packing just as you want them. Do something different this Bhai Dooj, send Bhai dooj midnight gifts for your brother, and surprise your brother at midnight with our special Bhai Dooj Midnight Delivery service that delivers your parcel of emotions just after midnight. Your brother will feel special, and would appreciate your thoughts for him. 


Send your brother his favorite chocolates along with Bhai Dooj Tikka and make his day. Make a fabulous Bhai dooj gift hamper consisting of your brother's favorite things such as Cakes with Chocolates, Sweets with Bhai Dooj Tikka, Flowers with Chocolates, and many more such exciting hampers. Do something this Bhai Dooj that is unexpected. Gift him a special Bhai dooj personalized gift that he will cherish forever. A personalized gift speaks a thousand words, as he would truly appreciate the efforts you have put in to get him something personalized. You can make a beautiful personalized gift hamper of Personalized Key chain with Flowers, Personalized Photo frame with Cake, etc. A personalized photo cake with Bhai dooj tikka is an ultimate combination that combines modern yet traditional values and celebrations. brings you a whole lot of variety for Bhai Dooj gifts online that are convenient, hassle-free, prompt, and most importantly, economical. There is no need to run from one market to another to look for my brother’s best Bhai dooj gift. Find them all under one roof with Free Delivery anywhere in India the very same day. This Bhai Dooj adds festivity to your celebrations of Bhai Dooj with the best selection of gifts from only.


Send Awesome Bhai Dooj Gifts for Your Beloved Bhaiya from Gift Across India with Free Shipping

Our range of Bhai Dooj gift items includes Bhai Dooj Gift Hampers, Personalized Bhai Dooj Gifts, Cakes for Bhaidooj, Dry fruits, Watches for brothers, Plants for Bhaidooj, or delicious chocolate bouquets. Watches for brothers make a unique Bhaidooj gift idea as it is a thoughtful and timeless gift that conveys your love for your sibling. has a huge range of unique watches online that suits the choice of every type of personality. Choose from a range of classy watches that go with every type of outfit and enhance your brother's personality. 


Your brother will be astonished when you send him a designer chocolate bouquet loaded with delectable chocolates that is a treat not only for his taste buds but for his eyes too. Make a beautiful chocolate bouquet online with lip-smacking chocolates such as Dairy Milk, Ferrero Rocher, Lindt, Mars, and many more tempting chocolates that no one can resist. For your health-conscious brother, nothing better than gifting crunchy and premium quality dry fruits that are loaded with essential nutrients such as proteins and make a great healthy Bhai dooj gifting idea. So wait no more and send exciting Bhai Dooj Gifts to your brother online only from right at the doorstep of your beloved sibling today!


Delight your brother this Bhai Dooj with our special Bhai Dooj Gifts Online! 

Bhaidooj is the last day of the 5 day festival of Diwali and signifies a sacred tie between siblings- a brother and a sister. Buy online Bhai dooj gift hampers to India and have them delivered with the same love and affection as you would have personally. Shop online for Bhai dooj gifts for brothers such as Bhai dooj tikka hampers and Bhai dooj personalized gift items.


We offer you a wide range of assorted Bhai dooj gifting ideas online at the best prices in India that ranges from Bhai Dooj Hampers, Bhaidooj Chocolates, Bhaidooj flowers, apparels, cakes, photo gifts, etc. You can also Shop for the Best return gifts for sisters on Bhai Dooj only at Giftacrossindia. Buy online gifts such as jewelry, personalized gift items, personalized mugs, and soft toys for your sisters as a token of appreciation and thanks on the occasion of Bhai dooj.


Find the Best Bhai Dooj Tikka Online and More

Bhai Dooj is a festival celebrated by the Hindus of India and Nepalis on the last day of the Diwali or Tihar festival. It is similar to Raksha Bandhan. A gift can be gifted on any occasion and also without any occasion. It's simply a box of goodies filled with happiness. You can send Bhai dooj gifts online to India, like cards, flowers, watches, apparel, books, etc., which you can gift to them. We try our level best to give you the best gifts with a wide variety of options so that you can choose the best one for her and once you order it we will deliver it to the address given by you swiftly and within the estimated time of delivery.


Send Bhai Dooj Tikka Gifts to India and More Online

We give you Bhai dooj special gifts like apparel, accessories like bags, shoes, perfumes and sprays, books and stationery items, etc., and you can present these Bhai dooj gifts for your brother and make him smile. We give you the chance to buy Bhai dooj gifts online, and if you need help, you can browse through our site and get Bhai dooj gift ideas and different and then pick and choose the best Bhai dooj special gift and send it to him. We have provided the best possible options for you to choose the best presents for your loved one.


Experience The Perks Of Online Shopping

The popularity of shopping online is escalating day by day, and today you can send gifts to anyone anywhere by just sitting at home. You can send rakhi to India, Bhai Dooj gifts, Bhai dooj sweets, Diwali gifts, and many other things like fresh flowers and sweets to India and many other forms of festival shopping you can complete through online shopping. Currently, online shopping is highly recommended to everyone as it saves a lot of time, fuel, energy, 24*7 availability, etc. The collections of gifts are huge. You will experience a very easy form of shopping, and you can send anyone anywhere anything! Online shopping offers several discount coupons, comparisons of prices, and sales, which offline shopping usually does not offer, and you can send gifts to your loved ones very easily. In many cases, there is delivery worldwide, and most of the websites provide their clients with free shipping in India, and sometimes USA, UK, and Australia delivery is charged.


Confused about what gift to give your brother or sister on Bhai dooj? Check our range of Bhai dooj gifts online

You know your brother and sister the most, and you know what they will like. Order online gifts for your brother or sister and pick out the best hampers for him/her. Our hampers contain sweets, nuts, etc. And we also provide customization of these hampers and will curate it for you according to your choice. Order online at our shop and get a customized hamper or choose from the one we already have in our collection. 


To Make Them Nostalgic, Send Bhai Dooj Tikka Gifts Online

Our siblings have been friends, family, and mentors throughout our lives, and recalling those experiences makes us melancholy. So, on Bhai Dooj, you can send tikka gifts to your adoring siblings and make them happy. For the celebrations, you may also get a Bhai Dooj puja thali from our online marketplace. On exceptional occasions, we provide the Same Day Delivery and Free Shipping. Our online store is excellent at what they do and guarantees prompt delivery. Send them a simple but priceless gift, and you'll be able to relive the many experiences you and your siblings have shared. So, without further ado, place an order with us and send them a lifetime of happiness.


Buy Online Bhai Dooj Gifts for your Beloved Brother 

The bond between a brother and a sister is always unique. So, this Bhai Dooj express your affection for your beloved brother/sister and celebrate this special tie with exclusive choice of Bhai Dooj cards and presents. We'll make you browse for the greatest Bhai Dooj presents online with our unique and innovative gift ideas.


Our enthralling variety will undoubtedly delight your sibling while also strengthening the tie of love and caring between them. These lovely gifts, which come in a wide range of brilliant colors, will make this momentous event particularly special for everyone. Celebrate this wonderful bond with curated choice of charming greeting cards and presents.

If you live far apart from your brother or sister and won't celebrate the event together. Don't be concerned. Gifting is a fantastic way to close distances, establish bonds, and boost the festive spirit. Choose the best gift from Online Bhai Dooj Gifts assortment and place your purchase online; we'll transport the gift(s) to your brother/doorsteps sister's anywhere in India at no extra charge. We do provide free shipping. Take a chance! And place your orders online.

Bhai Dooj Gifts Delivery Across India

Our Bhai Dooj Gifts delivery covers all major parts of India including Lucknow, Indore, Meerut, Hosur, Kalol, Ponda, Gurdaspur, Kachchh, Cuddalore, Dindigul, Chennai, Faridkot, Porbandar, Bhopal, Chittoor, Multanagar, Shimla, Dehradun, Namakkal, Khammam, Pudukkottai, Kurnool, Vrindavan, Tiruchirapalli, Hajipur, Bhagalpur, Tuticorin, Calicut, Vellore, Anand, Cochin, Calcutta, Nagercoil, Mansa, Madurai, Ranchi, Davangere, Kanpur, Barabanki, Midnapore, Guntakal, Kannur, Ankaleshwar, Kanniyakumari, Gadag, Mussoorie, Tirunelveli, Gulbarga, Himatnagar, Amalapuram and other localities of India as well.

Best Bhai Dooj From

Top Bhai DoojBhai Dooj By PriceShipping MethodSpeciality
Wonderful Bhaidooj GiftBhai Dooj Under 500Same Day DeliveryFree Shipping
Bhaidooj Big Chocolate Dryfruit HamperBhai Dooj Under 1000Fix Time DeliverySecure Payment
Bhaidooj Surprise Chocolate BoxBhai Dooj Under 2000Midnight DeliveryPriority Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Bhai Dooj Online

Does deliver Bhai Dooj in my city? deliver gifts in 500+ cities across India, please check for city option in product details page of Bhai Dooj

How Reliable is Bhai Dooj delivery? is highly reliable gift portal for Bhai Dooj delivery. has been delivering Bhai Dooj on time for more than 10 years in 500+ cities of India.

Can I Send a Personal Message with a Gift? value your emotions behind sending Bhai Dooj and hence we have enable users to convey emotions and personal messages & wishes to the receiver of their gift.

Can you deliver Bhai Dooj on Same Day? can delivery Bhai Dooj on the Same Day at major locations across India.

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India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions, and this diversity is beautifully reflected in its festivals. Two such festivals, Raksha Bandhan and Bhaidooj, are celebrated with great enthusiasm ...Read More

Exploring the Unique Traditions: Raksha Bandhan vs. Bhaidooj

India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions, and this diversity is beautifully reflected in its festivals. Two such festivals, Raksha Bandhan and Bhaidooj, are celebrated with great enthusiasm ...Read More

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