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  • Perfect Exclusive Gifting Arrangement
    Product Consists: Basket Arrangement of 12 Red Roses in between 10 bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate (Weight: 12.5 gm), Four Fruit Juice Pack (Weight: 200 ml) along with 6 inch Teddy Bear.
    Rs 1,599.00
  • Amazed Gift Combo Online
    Product Consists: 2 Bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate (Weight: 60 gm each), Kaju Katli Sweets (Weight: 200 gm) along with Assorted Dry Fruits (Weight: 250 gm) in a Basket.
    Rs 1,675.00
  • Imported Chocolates with Dry Fruit Basket
    Product Consists : 4 Imported Chocolate Bars, 100 Gms Chocolate Dates, 100 Gms Cashew and 100 Gms Almonds altogether arranged in a Cane Basket.
    Rs 1,355.00
  • Basket Full of Chocolates and Cookies
    Product Consists: 3 Bar of Silk Chocolate (Weight: 55 Gms each), Elvan Assortment Truffle (Weight: 200 Gms), Butter Cookies (Weight: 114 Gms), 3 Bars of Toblerone Chocolate (Weight: 50 Gms Each),16 piece of Ferrero Rocher along with Sapphire Almond Box and Almonds Covered with Milk Choco all nicely arrange in a basket.
    Rs 3,539.00
  • Fresh Fruits Basket with Toblerone Chocolate
    Product Consist : 2 Kg Fruits like Apples, Orange arranged In a Basket (Basket Color & Design May Vary) along with 2 Bars of Toblerone Chocolate ( Weight : 50 gms Each).
    Rs 1,199.00
  • Assorted Indian Chocolates Hamper Online
    Product Consists: 2 Bournville Chocolates (Weight: 31 Gms each), 2 Kit Kat Chocolates (Weight: 37 Gms each), 4 Temptation Chocolates (Weight: 72 Gms each), 1 Cadbury Rich Dry Fruits (Weight: 132 Gms), 2 Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate (Weight: 55 gms each) in a Cane Basket.
    Rs 2,549.00
  • Lovely Special Gift Hamper for Same Day Delivery
    Product Consists: Basket Arrangement of 20 Mix seasonal flowers (Roses, Gerberas, Carnation, Lilies and Orchids) Arrangement with some fillers, 16 pcs of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate along with 1.5 Kg Heart Shape Strawberry Cake.

    Regular Price: Rs 4,785.00

    Special Price Rs 4,545.00

  • Perfect Memorable Gift Combo
    Product Consist: Fruit Champagne Bottle, Almond (Weight: 100 Gm), Cashew (Weight: 100 Gm) and Homemade (Weight: 100 Gm) Chocolate arrange in a Basket.
    Rs 2,880.00
  • Box full of Dry fruit and Kaju Katli
    Product Consists: Pistachio (Weight: 100 Gms), Masala Cashew nuts (Weight: 100) in a Gift Box along with Kaju Katli Box (Weight: 200 Gms).
    Rs 1,349.00
  • Basket of Cookies and Chocolates
    Product Consists: Butter Cookies (Weight: 150 gm) Imported Assorted Chocolates (Weight: 250 gm) in a Basket.
    Rs 1,155.00
  • Cookies with Truffle Chocolate Hamper
    Product Consists: Butter Cookies (Weight: 114 Gms) along with Truffle Chocolate (Weight: 300 gms) packed in Jute and Box whole in Basket.
    Rs 1,151.00
  • Lindt Chocolates with Hersheys and Truffles in Tray
    Product Consists: Lindt Lindor irresistibly smooth White (Weight: 200 Gms), Lindt hauchdunne tafelchen (Weight: 125 Gms), Lindt 70% Cocoa (Weight: 100 Gms), Hershey's Chocolate Cookies Crème (Weight: 40 Gms), Hershey's Cookies & Chocolate (Weight: 40 Gms) along with Truffles in a jute potli (Weight: 100 Gms) in a tray.
    Rs 4,449.00
  • Cookies with Lindt Special Chocolates
    Product Consists: Butter Cookies (Weight: 114 Gms), Lindt Excellence A La Pointe De Fleur De Sel (Weight: 100 gm) along with Lindt Excellence Extra Foundant (Weight: 100 gm).
    Rs 1,375.00
  • Cherir Chocolates and Bravo Chocolates Box
    Product Consists: 12 pcs Chocolate box (Weight: 154 Gms) along with 4 pcs Bravo Chocolate (Weight: 100 Gms) in box.
    Rs 739.00
  • Lindt Chocolate Box Online
    Product Consists: Lindt Excellence a touch of seasalt chocolate (Weight: 100 Gms), Lindt caramel chocolate (Weight: 100 Gms), Lindt hello my name is Coffee Blast Chocolate (Weight: 100 Gms) along with Lindt Lindor assorted chocolate box (Weight: 200) Gms in a box.
    Rs 4,601.00
  • Healthy Nuts Basket
    Product Consists: Assorted Dry Fruits (Almond, Cashew, Raisin, Pistachio) (Weight: 1 Kg) in a Basket.
    Rs 2,149.00
  • Treat of Chocolates Basket Online
    Product Consists: Silver Coin Chocolate, Gold Coin Chocolates along with Truffle chocolate (Weight: 500 Gms).
    Rs 1,595.00
  • Lindt Chocolates in Cane Basket
    Product Consists: Lindt Excellence Blanc Extra Veloute (Weight: 100 Gms), Lindt Excellence Dark Orange Intense (Weight: 100 Gms), Hersheys Cookies n Chocolate (Weight: 40 Gms) along with Hersheys Cookies n Creme (Weight: 40 Gms) in a Cane Basket.
    Rs 2,300.00
  • Roasted Dry Fruits with Chocolate Cashew in a Tray
    Product Consists: Assorted Roasted Dry Fruits Honey Almond (Weight: 100 Gms) , Cheese Cashews (Weight: 100 Gms), Chocolate Cashews (Weight: 100 Gms), Chilly Roasted Cashews (Weight: 100 Gms) In A Wooden Tray.
    Rs 1,849.00
  • Imported Chocolate Box Online
    Product Consists: 10 Bars of Imported Chocolates in a Box.
    Rs 710.00
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