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The best thing about each celebration is some specific nourishment things that are exceptionally made on that specific celebration. Holi is one noteworthy Hindu celebration and it is praised with incredible euphoria and eagerness. It's a celebration of colors and individuals play with colors to share the delight of this celebration. Sweets and gifts are traded on this day as it is additionally a custom of this celebration. Gujiya is a sweet dish which is made on this celebration. It's a sort of dumpling which is loaded with khoya, dry fruits, mawa. It's a north Indian sweet dish which is firm and chewy. Gujiya is otherwise called karanji, chandrakala, karjikai, ghugra and there are couple of more names of this sweet dish. Gujiya is best to gift on holi. You can purchase gujiya online from Giftacrossindia.com. We have numerous more sorts of gujiya sweet are accessible on this site.

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